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We Spoke with Dogleg Before Their Upcoming Bled Fest Debut


by Linda Pecaj

Dogleg is compiled of three college friends: Chase Macinski on bass, Parker Grissom playing the drums and Alex Stoitsiadis on guitar and lead vocals. After representing Michigan at SXSW, they came back more eager than ever to show everyone why they deserved to be there. We caught up with Dogleg to chat before their upcoming Bled Fest debut.

HWID: How’d you guys meet each other?
Chase: We met each other at the School of Rock in Rochester, Michigan. I met Parker there first and then Alex later. I had a band with Parker, I think he was 11, and I was 13 or 14.
Parker: Then the 3 of us and another mutual friend created a band called Postage, but that didn’t last long.
Alex: I think we recorded one song and had a couple of sessions before we stopped getting together.

HWID: How’d the band come together?
Chase: We had Postage and then we all kinda went our separate ways, and then Alex started doing his own solo thing while attending U of M in Ann Arbor, playing and performing and writing music, he started Dogleg independently. His backing band consisted of the guys in his fraternity. But when he came back to Rochester for the summer, he needed another band because he couldn’t use the same people from Ann Arbor. So he reached out to Parker first, and then he reached out to me.

HWID: Where did the name Dogleg come from?
Parker: The name Dogleg comes from the Bear Versus Shark song.
Alex: It’s a Michigan band that we all really like and the last song on their first album is called ‘Broken Dogleg’ and I just thought Dogleg sounds like a cool name. I hoped no one stole it, I Googled it and we nobody had so we took it.

HWID: How long did it take to create your latest EP, Remember Alderaan?
Alex: It was like a month or two we wrote all these songs, and another month we finished recording everything.
Chase: Yeah it was pretty fast paced.
Alex: And now we have a bunch of new songs that we’ve simmered for a really long time, waiting for the album.

HWID: Speaking of albums, can you give us an idea of when you’ll release your debut album?
Chase: End of summer is overly ambitious.
Parker: More like sometime in December.
Chase: If we’re on top of our game early October is a safe bet.

HWID: It’s been two years since you’ve released new music, you’re like Game of Thrones waiting years to release, increasing your fans anticipation!
Alex: You can’t rush love.
Parker: You have to wait for the water to boil before you put the noodles in.

HWID: Listening to “Prince is Little” I got some Strokes vibes, maybe even The Offspring, is it fair to say they’re on your list of influencers?
Alex: Strokes, yes, definitely. Offspring? Not so much.
Chase: As far as The Offspring, maybe not them in particular, but bands similar to them. That skate-punk, adrenaline where the drums are wailing about and the rhythm patterns that place emphasis on the hits.
Alex: Like Tony Hawk Underground Two soundtrack bands.


HWID: How did it feel representing Michigan at SXSW? Was there any pressure?
Chase: It was cool. I guess there wasn’t that much pressure because we were with other Michigan artists.
Alex: It was more coincidental, than “Oh, we gotta go in and show them how it’s done!” Like I have a lot of pride in our music scene. We have a lot of amazing artists in Michigan. I have no doubt that anyone who didn’t go to SXSW, they could go down there and easily make their mark.

HWID: Do you feel like you made your mark?
Chase: At one point, we were playing on 6th street and we had like all four corners of the intersection just stopped to watch us.
Alex: Some guy in one of those Google cars stopped his car to get out and dance to us. It was one of the craziest moments of my life.

HWID: So you’ll be playing Bled Fest this year, have you played before or been to it?
Chase: Yes, I’ve been to it once or twice. Bled Fest is really interesting because it takes place in an old high school that has been transformed into a rec center. It’s like every 15 feet there’s a classroom or a back area where they set up stages. They have about 50 bands playing the entire day. They take the gymnasium and make it the main stage.

HWID: How do you get tickets to Bled Fest?
All: Buy them from us!
Chase: Email us at You can get them from us and through TicketWeb or something like that. But we get to keep a certain percentage of the tickets we sell, so buy them from us.

(Get in touch with Chase directly for tickets! Call/text him at: 586-914-5279)

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