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Top 5 Covers of “Hello” by Adele

Top Covers of Hello by Adele
In just over two weeks, Adele has 200 million views of Hello. Here are the best cover songs of the massive hit "Hello" by Adele the internet has to offer.
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List: Top 5 Covers of Hello by Adele

By Holly Myles

ICYMI, Adele’s back. 

Since the release of her new single “Hello“, the internet has been flooded with covers from anyone that can carry a tune, and some are actually pretty great. So what a perfect time to jump on the bandwagon, don’t you think? Here are our favorite “Hello” covers. Enjoy.

5. Conor Maynard feat. Anth

Maynard’s cover of “Hello” is definitely worth a listen. His voice is soothing and emotive, and he does the song justice. But the real reason this cover made the top five is because of Anth’s verse, which forced me to realize the universe needs a Drake and Adele collaboration. Can someone please make this happen?!

4. The Maccabees

For me, a good cover is one that breathes new life into the original song. In the case of “Hello”, the majority seem to be people trying to prove they can sing by trying to match Adele in talent and emotion, and as you may suspect, many don’t have the skills to reach that level. The reason the Maccabees’ version belongs on this list is because it stays true to their sound, but also feels fresh. It’s not an emotional ballad, and lead singer Orlando Weeks definitely doesn’t break out in any Adele-style runs, but what it lacks in that department, it makes up for with its catchy beat. Plus, I wouldn’t complain if they played this live the next time they’re in Detroit.

3. Chase Holfelder

Not only is Chase incredibly talented and a good dude (I know this because I once shared an office with him for a week), but his version of “Hello” is one of the most solid covers I’ve heard. It’s unique, emotional, entertaining, and belongs on one of your playlists. It maintains the essence of the original, but has an 80’s vibe, especially when the drumbeat hits at 2:37. Also, I’m pretty sure he could perform surgery on an iPad based on his ability to create music on it. Those are similar skillsets, right?!

2. Stephen

I had the great fortune of stumbling upon this cover on a random Spotify playlist. This song not only meets my “good cover” requirements, but it takes it one step further, as I’m beginning to prefer this over the original. I know it’s blasphemous, but good lord, this version is beyond fantastic. Where the original is sorrowful and dramatic, this version is feisty and angry. The drumbeats, guitar solo, and claps just push it over to being better than the original. He also brings in “Rolling in the Deep” at 2:40, which is the perfect tribute to the song that put Adele on the mainstream map.

1. Brooklyn Duo

This cello and piano cover takes the top spot because one listen and “Hello” will forever be burned into your soul. Although this is an instrumental piece, it’s just as powerful and emotional as Adele’s version, which is a testament to Adele’s genius. It’s not just her voice that makes her so rare, but it’s her voice combined with her music and lyrics that makes her a true artist worthy of all the attention, accolades and fans. Her music transcends time and space – yes, she’s that much of a BFD.



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