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Top 10 Movie Bands

Movie Bands

List: Top 10 Movie Bands

by Justin Trudell

Oscar week! What does a music site have to do with the Oscars? Well…not much. But, we have managed to slam together a few lists that incorporate our love for music and our love movies. Today’s list, the Top 10 Movie Bands! Without further ado.


10. Otis Day and the Knights – “Animal House”

Otis! My man! Points added for being a kick ass band that brought the party to a new level. Points deducted for just doing covers of songs that already exist. Shout was written and performed by The Isley Brothers in 1959, but Otis took it to a level we all remember. How much did we all love the idea of a toga party? Even though it ends up being pretty half assed and everyone just uses bed sheets. Also, what kind of a college could book a band with a full horn section for a frat house party? Sign me up, and give me one of those awesome sweat shirts Blutarsky rocked. Although, fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life. 


9. Soggy Bottom Boys – “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”

What a gross name. I reckon they are men of constant sorrow because of the bowel issues that seem to plague them all the time and result in soggy bottoms. The Cohen brothers are pretty respected with their music choices so a movie band from them would be a home run. I love that even though they are escaped convicts in the 1930s, George Clooney has perfect teeth. Not exactly method acting. Still, tough to deny the great songs they made. Who doesn’t enjoy a good southern bluegrass jam? Worst topping for toast ever.


8. The Wonders – “That Thing You Do”

Truthfully, I have never seen this movie. But, as it was pointed out to me, that’s how great this song is – I didn’t even SEE this movie, but I know the tune “That Thing You Do.” Proper song writing skills. A pretty accurate movie band depiction of a 1960s group. The matching suits, the harmonies, the white girl head bobbing dances, it’s all there. Plus, as we all know by now, along with Paul Rudd, it’s impossible to not love Tom Hanks. That kid is going places.


7. Infant Sorrow – “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”/”Get Him to the Greek”

Russell Brand is his Russell Brand-est as a drugging, shagging, crazy ass front man that porks his way into Peter’s life. Not many entries can claim to have two completely different movies in which they were part of the plot, yet not the star of the movie. Infant Sorrow did enough to be one of the best movie bands. Let’s also give credit to P. Diddy for his amazing performance as Sergio in “Get Him to the Greek.”


6. The School of Rock – “School of Rock”

Performing a legit good song at the end of the movie during the battle of the bands was the reason they are on the list as one of the great movie bands. Jack Black gives a killer performance, despite his child co-stars being more wooden than the fretboards they played. Instead of Black derailing into creepy, he makes jokes about the weird relationship he has with a bunch of kids, but it never feels inappropriate. Plus, this was back when the country wasn’t suspicious of absolutely everyone. Ah, the good old days. When a man in his 30s could lie about his teaching credentials to get a substitute teaching job, essentially kidnap a bunch of 10 year olds, throw them in his windowless van, and take them to a music competition against their will in order to fulfill his dream of rockstar glory. Family friendly flick.


5. Marvin Berry and the Starlighters – “Back to the Future I” (and part II as well, I guess)

Let’s not forget, going back in time was not the most unbelievable thing that happened in Back to the Future. After falling around the stage and nearly disappearing while playing a pretty shoddy guitar for “Earth Angel,” Marvin Berry had apparently been so impressed that he insisted the white kid that was pulled out of his trunk earlier play another one with the Starlighters. Yeah right. Regardless, Marty shreds some guitar while the band “tries to keep up” to a song they have never heard before based on the instructions of “This is a blues riff in B, watch me for the changes…and try to keep up.” Thanks for that Marty. Again, the guitar sequence has to be more hard to believe than a piece of shit DeLorean actually reaching 88 mph in the first place.


4. Crucial Taunt – “Wayne’s World”

Full disclosure: I fucking love Wayne’s World. I had a tough time deciding between them and the classic “Shitty Beatles.” Come to think of it, 24 years after the fact, was the “Shitty Beatles” supposed to be a play on the insect, dung beetle, while giving a nod to The Beatles? If so, well done Mike Myers. I can almost forgive you for Austin Powers 3.

Back to Crucial Taunt, Cassandra’s shrieking cover of “Ballroom Blitz” while wearing that super hot red dress will be forever burned into my mind. Although, I’m not sure she played any notes for the entire song. Whatever, great song, even greater bod, enough to in be the top five movie bands of all time.


3. Spinal Tap – “This is Spinal Tap”

Really, this is the only movie bands that started out with, essentially, their own behind the music. They wrote a bunch of joke songs, but performed them completely straight faced. Brilliant. “This Is Spinal Tap” also opened up the door for the mockumentry as we know it. I could make a reference to “eleven” but it’s all been done before. I would rather talk about how they went through like 6 drummers. I have always found that hilarious. The overall feeling of drummers being disposable, for me, was planted with this storyline, and the respect for them as proper musicians went right out the window. Points added for appearing on an absolutely classic episode of The Simpsons as well.


2. Stillwater – “Almost Famous”

Arguably, one of the greatest movie bands, but how can you make it to number one if the most memorable song from their movie about a band is “Tiny Dancer“. You guys are great, but let me just say what no one else will say: Your looks have become a problem.


1. The Blue Brothers – “Blues Brothers”

They didn’t write original songs, but they brought a cool, funny appeal to the R&B of the 50s and 60s. So many quotable lines, so many classic scenes, such great music. It’s crazy to think they started as an SNL sketch. Despite being from 1980, this movie still holds up as pretty re-watchable with the action and comedy. Nothing crazy offensive or terribly unrealistic. They still have one of the highest number of wrecked cars in a movie. Great movie with the greatest movie band ever.

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