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Review: The Mowgli’s and Lights at St. Andrew’s Hall


The Mowgli's and Lights

By Justin Trudell

“We believe this world would be a better place if we all just gave a little more love.”

The Mowgli’s live and breathe their musical message. A series of Beach Boys-esque harmonies with So-Cal style make The Mowgli’s a lovely combination of modern rock quality with a 1960s spirit. Their songs of love and friendship transcended beyond the sun soaked California beaches, all the way to this dreary early winter twilight in downtown Detroit.

The Mowgli's

The Mowgli’s were being billed as the middle performances of this three-act night, sandwiched between opener Phases, and main attraction Lights. Despite not necessarily being the “act we came to see,” most of the audience was won over with the good vibes and catchy lyrics they sent our way. The dance floor began to sway like and hands began to raise to the heavens long before we were treated to a closing rundown of the newest hit single from The Mowgli’s “I’m Good,” and the ever popular, “San Francisco.”

The evening was brought home by the SEO nightmare of band title, Lights. True to the name, the stage setup was illuminated in a most unique way.


The first song acted as a musical lap dance, doing everything to arouse our interest in a full 60-minutes with this vixen, which she would deliver on. The slow, ambient opening build became too much to handle and was met by a roaring applause at it’s conclusion. The Canadian electro-pop mistress was wound up and released, working the stage from end to end and throwing her aura into every note. Lights turned our musical love fest into a dance floor orgy, with her infectious beats, limitless energy, and unique stage visuals. The set was beyond satisfying, so much so the audience had a collective cigarette and didn’t even mention how early in the morning we have to be up, because we didn’t want to leave.

With the dreary Detroit mid-week night, and the stark reminder of how the world has changed with a first ever security pat down before entering the venue, the task of bringing unbridled joy to us seemed difficult. But, The Mowgli’s live and breathe their message of love and Lights has musical notes flowing through her blood. Their passions would not be denied, because love is strong enough to let it pour out of your soul.

Listen to The Mowgli’s Here

Listen to Lights Here

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