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Review: Steel City Kitty Burlesque at Cliff Bells

by Mike Pfeiffer

Sure, I know it’s hard venturing out on a rainy Sunday night when you have to work early Monday, not to mention you’ve already partied the past two days, but we’re talking about burlesque! Not just any burlesque, the incredible Steel City Kitty Burlesque, a troupe that hails from Pittsburgh, but has members from places around the world. The beautiful, classy Cliff Bells held the event, and the wonderful Holly Hock pulled the show together, and did an amazing routine as well. 

The Steel City Kitty Burlesque offers something for everyone as long as you have an open mind that likes to wander. Their host, Kat De Lac, brought on the acts with a sexy sense of humor. Smokin’ McQueen had a couple of pretty bizarre acts that, well… you really had to be there to get it. Danger Doll, who was a headliner last September for the Michigan Burlesque Convention, did two innovative, knockout routines. Eliza Delite came all the way from the UK to dazzle us. While Rasputin’s Marionettes brought a little something you’d never see on the Muppet Show. There were several other acts that provided laughs while captivating the crowd. As an added bonus, Sophia Von Stardust and Kitty Hawk worked the tables go-go dancing at the intermissions.

If you missed the show, keep your eyes peeled. The Steel City Kitty make the trip to Detroit a few times a year, and is definitely worth catching. You can follow Steel City Kitty Burlesque on Facebook at:


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