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Review of The Devil Makes Three at St. Andrew’s Hall – 1.13.18

The Devil Makes Three

by David Gimpel

The word “hootenanny” by definition is a gathering at which folk singers entertain often with the audience joining in. That word perfectly describes what happened on Saturday night at The Devil Makes Three concert!

The Devil Makes Three at their core is a trio that blends old time country, folk, bluegrass with a dash of punk rock played by the three main members. Pete Bernhard is the main vocalist and guitar player, Lucia Turino rocks the upright bass, and Cooper McBean brings in the extra guitar, with the occasional banjo. However, live this time out they bring out guests throughout the show, in the form of a drummer, and a violin player. So, if you are familiar with the band’s studio albums, forget those. Playing live they are a whole other beast.

The Devil Makes Three wasted no time getting everyone 110% engaged with their opening song “The Bullet.” The band ripped through the first few songs with some lightning fast finger picking on their guitars and banjos, and all three of the bands core members sing along in such wonderful harmony. You can tell they’re very comfortable on stage, and can take on any crowd.

They’re on the road for promotion of their latest record, Redemption & Ruin. It’s a cover album paying homage to artists who have influenced them, like Hank Williams Jr, and Willie Nelson, but with their own fresh spin. The crowd certainly loves it. The biggest crowd participation of the night was for “Old Number Seven.” Everyone happily joined in on the drunk induced singalong. “Thank you, Jack Daniel’s Old Number Seven Tennessee Whiskey, got me drinking in heaven. Angels start to look good to me.”

Other Highlights of the night including a song that used the big disco ball in Saint Andrews Hall and, to me, felt Ottis Redding inspired, “Dragging Chains.” The crowd stompers “Hallelu,” “Worse Or Better,” “Bangor Mash,” and “Do Wrong Right,” stirred the crowd into an old-time mountain music mosh pit. Everyone from the front of the house to the back was getting down by the end of the night. It was a real hootenanny.

The Devil Makes Three at St. Andrew’s Hall – 1.13.18


Pray For Rain
Drunken Hearted Man
Spininning Like A Top
Hometown Blues
I’m Gonna Get High
I Can’t Stop
Chains Are Broken
Gracefully Facedown
Paint Face
Dragging Chains
Old Number Seven
I Am The Man Thomas
For Good
Worse Or Better
Aces and Twos
Bangor Mash
Do Wrong Right

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