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Review of Sir Sly and In the Valley Below at The Shelter – 6.7.18

sir sly

by Mike Pfeiffer (Digital Racket)

The Shelter is a great venue for those “I remember seeing them when they were playing in this little crowded place in Detroit” type of stories. Sir Sly could definitely one of the bands that reach megastar status.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, let’s start with the opener, In the Valley Below. While it was a short set, it was full of sweet songs. Jeffrey Jacob Mendel, the singer/guitarist is simply amazing on guitar and his partner, Angela Gail Mattson is lovely, sharing vocals and playing bass. They share moments while onstage that are so intimate you almost feel like you’re intruding on their performance.

Sir Sly, the band the sold-out audience came to see, followed In the Valley Below. I was alarmed immediately by the shaved head of lead singer, Landon Jacobs, because I was expecting the long hair I saw in pics and videos. Sir Sly is much more raw and edgy than the slick polish they have on their albums. This suits them better as Landon tells the audience stories and bounces around with his guitar in a trance. I’ve seen my share of new indie bands, and Sir Sly certainly have more charisma and presence than most others. Their set while not very long either. It was heartfelt and filled with songs of soulful energy and a promise there’s still much more to come from them.

Sir Sly and In The Valley Below

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