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Review of Greet Death at The Pike Room – 2.21.19

by Becka Helhowski

Let me just say: local bands are the best! We, as citizens, need to support local bands because it’s up to us whether or not they get any exposure. Support your local music scene. Buy merch, tell people to listen to them, stream their music, and most importantly: GO TO THEIR SHOWS!

Okay, with that out of the way, Greet Death are amazing. I first saw them open up for Turnover in 2017 when one of the opening bands had to back out last minute. They came on stage, if I remember correctly, saying they were working at their fast food jobs earlier that day when Turnover called them to open. Greet Death said, (and I will never forget this) “Let’s rip,” and hopped on the tour. I instantly loved them. They could be related to bands like Superheaven and Cloakroom (who are also very little-known bands that I highly suggest you check out).

Greet Death kicked off their headlining tour at The Pike Room in Pontiac, just about 40 minutes south of their hometown of Flint. Much to my delight, there would be four opening bands for the show, rather than just the one that was listed on the tour post. Which was awesome! Tickets were pretty cheap, so you got such an awesome experience for your money and discovered some new bands.

The coolest part about local bands like Greet Death is that they’re so connected to the smaller sized crowd, they joke around, tell stories, talk to fans while on stage; it’s like church in a weird new age punk kind of way. There’s a huge sense of community in a small venue show.

The band opened up their set with a new single released just three days prior, “Strange Days.” Just like all of their other tracks, it’s very multidimensional, mood-wise. All of their debut album from 2017, Dixieland, makes you want to chill in your room staring at the ceiling zoned out, cry, and head bang – all at the same time. I like to call this genre “sad-grunge.”

I had a blast at the show. The band told a story that had my friend and I ugly laughing about the time he saved Father’s Day by fixing a vent while working at Dairy Queen. They’re just an amazing band full of the nicest people. Go listen to them on Spotify or whatever you kids use to listen to stuff. I hope to see so much more of them.

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