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Review of Cherry Glazerr at El Club – 2.21.19

by David Gimpel

Cherry Glazerr brought the heat on Thursday night to Detroit to a packed house filled with energetic fans. They’re touring in support of their third full-length album, Stuffed and Ready. If you’re unfamiliar with the band, they’re “noise pop,” taking cues from what made the 90s music so great, but not sounding like revivalists. Fans who have seen them live before will notice a key lineup change: keyboardist Sasami Ashworth has departed to make her own records. She was a huge live presence, so going to the show, I was curious to how the change would affect them. 

Cherry Glazerr stripped down to a trio have a tighter, heavier sound live that allows front woman Clementine Creevy to shine as a guitar player. The band has the chops, I loved hearing the ripping guitars, and they have the presence of a band playing a much bigger room. And from the way this show went down, it looks like that’s where they’re headed.

Beyond their incredible sound, they had a really great stage setup as well. There were two big inflatable Cherries placed center stage, two big sparkly cones, and a projector that gleamed creepy images over the band. They had the drum kit placed in the front of the stage, a rarity these days, but I enjoyed it.

Their set focused on the new album, playing eight songs from it. The highlights were the show opener “Ohio,” and Clem’s favorite song she has written, “Self-Explained.” The rocking singles that had the crowd jumping and singing along “Daddi,” “Juicy Socks” and “Wasted Nun.” All three are future festival bangers.

Mosh pits broke out early, and the crowd was so hyped during “Nurse Ratched” that Clem’s mic stand was nearly knocked over. The energy in the room didn’t stop from that moment on. Toward the end of their set, Cherry Glazerr really started to shred. During the song “Sip O Poison,” Clementine had the whole room under her command. She leaped from the stage to sing the beginning of the song with the crowd. Returning to the stage, she rolled around on the floor then grabbed her guitar and let it shred.

They could have ended the show there and it would’ve been memorable. However, they came back for an encore with a surprise LCD Soundsystem cover of “Time To Get Away,” a sound I hope they explore more in the future. They closed the night out with a statement anthem “Told You I’d Be with the Guys.” Cherry Glazerr meant business, and I will be back for more.

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