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Review of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at Majestic Theatre in Detroit – 2.7.18

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

by David Gimpel

If you have been wondering “What ever happened to my rock n’ roll?” your answer was found on Wednesday night at The Majestic Theater, with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Night Beats.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club arrived in Detroit off the heels of their latest album, Wrong Creatures. It’s a wonderful record that shows the band’s darker, more atmospheric side. However, going to see a BRMC show, you know what you’re going to get, so you better bring your ear plugs, and not be sensitive to strobe lights.

Since they’re on the road promoting their latest record, most of the set list was heavy with tunes from Wrong Creatures. The first three tracks “Spook,” “Little Things Gone Wild,” and “King of Bones,” were letting you know they were just getting started. They’ve been around now for nearly 20 years now, which means there was a lot of choice to place on the set list.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club quickly gave longtime fans exactly what they wanted by performing classics such as “Beat the Devil’s Tattoo,” which got the crowd in a frenzy. Their sonic assault was on display with “Stop” and “Conscience Killer.” They have a depth of emotions within tons of their songs, one minute they’ll make you want to hug your loved ones, while the next minute you’ll want to punch your neighbor.

The band’s bass player and vocalist Robert Been, told the crowd about how they’ve been playing Detroit for a long time and loved that the fans are still coming out. He even mentioned playing The Gold Dollar, and asked the crowd if it used to be a strip club on the weekends. He told us his memories of playing The Majestic Theater, and how it looked like nothing has changed. That got a good laugh from the crowd, before launching into his solo cover of “Dirty Old Town.”

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club closed out the set with a rousing rendition of “Spread Your Love.” Before closing out the night, Peter again told the crowd thanks for another good night of “Bowling and Rock n Rolling”. They launched into their signature song, “Whatever Happened to My Rock N Roll (Punk Song)”. The crowd left happy, and maybe a little deaf, but we all left knowing rock is alive and well.

Those who made it early to the show were treated to a fantastic set by the band the Night Beats. They play their own special brew of garage psychedelic R&B tunes, and were the perfect way to kick off the night. If you are fan of BRMC, I recommend the band’s latest record Who Sold My Generation, as BRMC‘s bassist is the producer and performs on the whole record.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – 2.7.18

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Setlist

Little Things Gone Wild
King Of Bones
Beat The Devil’s Tattoo
Ain’t No Easy Way
Question Of Faith
Circus Bazooko
Conscience Killer
White Palms
Carried From The Start
Complicated Situation (Peter solo)
Dirty Old Town (Robert solo)
Shuffle Your Feet
All Rise
In Like The Rose
Six Barrel Shotgun
Spread Your Love
Ninth Configuration
Whatever Happened To My Rock N Roll (Punk Song)

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