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Review: In the Valley Below at The Loving Touch – 7.13.17

In the Valley Below

by Mike Pfeiffer aka Digital Racket

Weekday shows usually end up being both hit and miss. Hit: it’s a great show. Miss: not many people show up to see said great show. Detroit had a chance to catch a fantastic band on a weekday, In the Valley Below.

I’ve been told by a number of people In the Valley Below is one of their favorite new bands on the indie rock scene and I need to check them out. They made quite a buzz with their single “Peaches,” and even played MoPop Festival in 2015.  So when I saw they were playing one of my favorite venues, The Loving Touch, I had to go.

The night started off with Alexander Lynch, a local artist I’ve never seen before. I walked in towards the end of his set, but liked what I heard. He played a dance, soul/R&B hybrid, his vocals and mix were good, so I’ll definitely keep an eye out for where he plays next.

Flagship are a duo from North Carolina who is touring as a 4-piece with In The Valley Below. I checked out their latest release “The Electric Man,” before the concert. It’s a really strong album. They have a very earnest, alt-rock approach to their sound. At times, I hear equal parts early U2 mixed with Kings of Leon. Most their songs are more subdued at a mid-tempo pace, but they bring energy with moments that burst into sonic brilliance. Overall, a very good set, highlighted with some fun interaction from the crowd.

There’s a lot of male-female couples in a band together out in indie rock land, but In the Valley Below separate themselves with their vocal duets and harmonies. They have a very striking live presence, with Jeffrey in a full white suit, reminding me of 70s era Eric Clapton, and Angela rocking a gorgeous silver dress. They played a number of new songs in the set, and let the supportive crowd know they’re now a Michigan band. The highlight of the night was their cover of the Tom Petty classic, “Stop Dragging My Heart Around”. This was their first show of a tour that lasts into late August. Go take a look at their tour schedule, and if they’re coming to your town get out and see them. They do not disappoint!

In the Valley Below in Detroit – 7.13.17

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