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Review: Cage The Elephant at Masonic Temple Theatre

Cage the Elephant Detroit

Cage the Elephant + Saturday Night + Masonic Temple Detroit – Sobriety = Madness.

Immersed within a particularly electric crowd that was packed onto the floor of the Masonic Temple Theatre, we were buzzing with excitement for the arrival of Cage the Elephant. We had been revving up since BRONCHO started us down our path of destruction. Opening up our eyes to witness what would be an unforgettable night.

Later, Portugal. The Man brought us to new levels of ruckus and busted the cherry on our first of many crowd surfers for the night. Portugal. The Man had a remarkable accompanying light show during their set, only ramping up our expectations for what would surely be a climactic release for Cage the Elephant. By the time lead singer of Cage, Matt Shultz, blitzed on stage we erupted, and so did he.

A hurricane took the stage in the form of Cage the Elephant. Immense lighting, immersive and powerful sound from the band, and Matt Shultz flying around stage like a pinball shot out at the speed of light, this was much more than we expected, and it was just getting started. Cage the Elephant have built up a reputation of being one of the most brutally chaotic live acts in the world, and they didn’t disappoint.

The 18-song set spanned the career of their albums, including crowd favorite anthems like “Come a Little Closer” and “Shake Me Down,” and ragers like “In One Ear” and “Teeth”. The performance of “Teeth” was especially memorable, when a berserk Brad Shultz (guitarist and brother of lead singer Matt Shultz) brought his guitar and joined in with the mass of humanity to play along side us sweaty, adoring fans. Jumping, screaming, and just overall losing our mind in the chaos.

The night ended with Brad slamming down his guitar on stage as the reverb rang out and the band left the stage. Matt was the last on stage as he toss out any souvenirs he could find for the still rabid fans; guitar picks, set lists, drum sticks. We didn’t want the night to end and, from the looks of it, neither did Matt. A definite compliment to the fans of Detroit.


Cage the Elephant at Masonic Temple – 5.4.16

Setlist (Photo of the actual setlist because we love you)



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