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Review and Photos of September Mourning at Token Lounge – 3.20.2019

by Mike Pfeiffer

As a photographer, I like to see bands that have a visual presence when they are on stage. September Mourning are a band that have more than just a unique look on stage, they wrap their vision in a mythology that encompasses comics, videos and more. There are other bands that have done this, but September Mourning have an authenticity and passion for all the facets of their art. It was all on full display during a visit to a local comic store to meet their fans and later at their show at Token Lounge in Westland.

Most bands play fan sets at record stores, but September Mourning feel more at home in a comic shop among the racks of other superheroes on display. At their visit to Sanctum Sanctorum they played a few acoustic songs, which, given their anthemic, metal-tinged music, they were still able to translate the songs in a much more intimate setting. In between songs, they talked about their love for Marvel movies and comic characters. They also let us know their next new graphic novel will be out soon.

Their set at Token Lounge was toward the end of a few other bands playing that evening. It was proving to be a pretty subdued night until September Mourning took to the stage. The floor immediately filled with fans and September Mourning started a raucous set of songs, encouraging fans to sing along. A screen set behind them was used to show scenes from their comics that help tell the story of the songs being performed.

While lead singer Emily Lazar is the focal point of the band in her shimmering, white garb and spectral makeup, the rest of the band definitely have their own moments as they are all very accomplished musicians and display their own shades of darkness. My only complaint for the show was it ended too soon. Hopefully, a headlining tour will be coming our way in the near future.

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