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Review and Photos of Nothing But Thieves at St. Andrew’s Hall – 9.12.18

Nothing But Thieves

by David Gimpel

Some nights I leave a concert and think, “Damn, that was something special.” I thought that when Nothing But Thieves last played Detroit, opening for Awolnation at The Fillmore. Since that show, I had been anticipating their return to Detroit. And, as I expected, Nothing But Thieves delivered a performance well above my expectations.

St. Andrew’s Hall was packed early for the openers Demob Happy and Grandson. Both were exceptional. The audience was highly engaged throughout, so much so that I overheard some seasoned concert goers say, “I haven’t seen an opening act get a reception like that in a while.” I only wish I had done my homework on these bands before the show, but I’ll definitely be seeing them again.
The whole crowd was jumping, and singing along to every word the opening track from Nothing But Thieves, “I Was Just A Kid.” That momentum continued into early singles “Ban All The Music” and “Wake Up Call.”

Nothing But Thieves

Nothing But Thieves, are one of the rising rock bands coming from England. Already festival headliners in their own country, they’re making a huge splash here in the States. Carrying the band is vocalist Conor Mason, who has been compared to rock crooners like Jeff Buckley, and Thom Yorke of Radiohead. While musically, they have a similar punch to Muse. In fact, Muse asked Nothing But Thieves to open for them in England. To be honest, if I was able to be at that show, I probably would have fainted.

Conor let his vocals soar in the emotional songs like “Broken Machine,” the ballad “Particles,” and one of the bands biggest singles, “Sorry” – all of which are on their new album, Broken Machine. Check out the acoustic versions of each of these songs on Spotify. They really showcase his powerful vocals.

Nothing But Thieves played a new song, “Forever and Ever More,” which will be on their new EP in October. It shows the band rocking harder than ever, with a groove that Queens Of The Stone Age would be jealous of. Other rocking highlights “Number 13,” “Trip Switch,” and the last song of the night “Amsterdam.” They had St. Andrew’s Hall feeling like Glastonbury festival with every person leaving the show very satisfied.

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