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Review and PHOTOS of Metric at Fillmore Detroit – 3.25.19

by Becka Helhowski

Metric are a diamond in the rough. I’ve always felt like they were undervalued and overlooked in the music industry and lacking from my friend’s album catalogs.

I was first introduced to Metric by YouTube. During grade school I would come home, plant myself at the family computer and let YouTube auto play music videos while doing my homework. “Gimme Sympathy” came up in that randomly shuffled auto play and I remember thinking that Emily Haines reminded me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She was bubbly and fun, while also effortlessly a badass. I haven’t kept up with their music since Fantasies, their best album in my opinion, but when I found out I’d be covering the show at The Fillmore, I instantly caught up to their latest release, Art of Doubt. The album is a sci-fi space battle, an 80’s dance club, an album I’m very glad I’d invested my time into. It’s very emotional, with lyrics about finding yourself. It’s a great album, add it to your streaming library.

Metric’s stage presence is hypnotizing and energetic. Their show feels like you’re in an episode of Stranger Things. The entire backside of the stage was lined with neon lights, low incandescent overhead lighting, it gave off some Batcave vibes. Really you just feel so cool being in the crowd.

Starting with “Twilight Galaxy” was probably the best opening song by any band I have ever seen live, and I’ve seen a lot of bands. It was setting up a calm before a storm. Immediately following, “Synthetica” was played with bass you could feel in your heart accompanied by flashing lights. Lead singer Emily Haines started bouncing around the stage, it looked like so much fun you wanted to join her, which most of the crowd did. This woman had so much energy on stage it made me feel like trash for how tired I get from climbing the three flights of stairs up to my apartment. Along with how strongly she sings live, it’s a wonder she doesn’t run out of breath. She’s a definite crowd-pleaser.

There was a 13-year-old girl at the show with her friends and family celebrating her Bat Mitzvah, which is the coolest thing I have ever witnessed in my life. Mazel Tov, baby girl!

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