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Review and Photos of Good Charlotte at The Fillmore Detroit – 11.1.18

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by Becka Helhowski

Good Charlotte played a vital part in my adolescence, much like the lives of every other millennial, with their albums The Young and the Hopeless (2002) and The Chronicles of Life and Death (2004). I haven’t kept up with the band, outside their tabloid lives, since middle school, so when I saw they would be playing The Fillmore, it caught my attention.

My experience with the show (outside of the music) was not good. I had problems at the box office obtaining my photo pass, then an even bigger problem for the actual photographing the opening bands. Without going into too much detail, Good Charlotte has the strictest photo policy I’ve ever seen from a band. With no access to the photo pit allowed, a three-song camera limit, and a crowd full of decently drunk and rowdy 20-something punk kids standing their ground in GA, photographing this show properly was a huge challenge. I even got threatened to be kicked out of the venue by security for going through my camera to delete photos from a past show while an opening band was playing.

Needless to say, I was very bitter and determined to have no fun during Good Charlotte’s set. I was ready to hate the show and just be bitter. I wanted to hate this show so bad, but Good Charlotte made it impossible.

They came out to the stage with the instrumental opening of their latest album, Generation Rx. Good Charlotte is an amazing live band who love to make sure everyone is having a great time. They definitely know how to get people going with nostalgia, it was the type of show where everyone in the crowd knows all the words to every song. I even ended up finding myself singing along and jumping around like an idiot to my favorite song “Predictable”.

Quality wise, I’m happy to say that they sounded perfect. Joel’s voice is unphased after almost 20 years of singing, and the band as a unit was fantastic. I left the show with only a few quality photos in my camera, but with a huge smile on my face. I was on a mission to hate everything about the show, but I walked out feeling like it was a great show that I would recommend all my friends. It was so fun that on the drive home I turned to my friend who accompanied me and said, “I hate that I have to write a positive review now”.

Good Charlotte: 8/10 performance and live experience…unless you’re a photographer.

Good Charlotte

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