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Preview: Young the Giant with Ra Ra Riot

young the giant

Young the Giant shot their first three singles out like an AK-47, as they all went straight to the top five of the alternative rock charts. Luckily, they haven’t slow down since.

You’re probably familiar with “My Body”, “Cough Syrup” and “Apartment” from the Cali-based rock band. All three singles invoke the emotional and naughty nature of youth with the internal raging struggle that’s all too real. And based on their chart positions, it’s something we all relate to. But, as they’ve matured, so has their music. The new album, “Home of the Strange,” is the extremely polished and insightful work of a band coming out of the naïve and playful early twenties. We had fun, we learned, and now we have questions. The questions are mostly centered around the unique perspective of being an immigrant in America and the experiences they have. All the members of the band can relate in some way.

Ra Ra Riot with Young the Giant
Photo by Nicole Busch

Joining Young the Giant at The Fillmore are the incredibly interesting Ra Ra Riot. It’s not easy to make classical string instruments the centerpiece of a high-energy concert, but they do. Synthy-pop and driving drumbeats keep hearts thumping and asses shaking in a marriage that seems doomed from the start. But, just like your batshit crazy aunt and uncle that never speaks, they come together like chocolate and peanut butter. Ra Ra Riot released their fourth studio album, Need Your Light, back in February of 2016. It features 10 tracks of lead singer Wesley Miles never sounding better, with the PB and chocolate musical arrangement tasting as fresh as ever. The only thing left to do is try them out live for us, and we think we know the perfect venue…

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