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Preview: The Wombats at St. Andrew’s Hall

The Wombats

Ooooo, what’s on the mind of The Wombats during their third album Glitterbug? Sex!

As they’ve grown, The Wombats have begun to realize, like most men, women are tough to figure out. Glitterbug is essentially a concept album about a relationship between an English boy and a California gal. Needless to say, it doesn’t always go well, as is evident in the songs. But, they never give up, on the gal, or the album. It’s sensual and seductive, but still just as much fun as The Wombats tend to be.

The indie rockers from Liverpool translate so much better in person than on record, which hardly seems possible, as they made our hearts and minds soar with their first two albums. A synthy collection of dance-rock songs make the somewhat dower subject matter of regret and loneliness feel substantially easier to navigate. The first single, “Just Give Me a Try”, sounds like a frustrated plea to escape from the “friend zone” and enter into the endless possibilities of a relationship… if she would just give it a try. In true Wombat fashion, they make the difficult pills known as relationships easy to swallow by encasing them in a candy coating of upbeat music with catchy hooks.

The Wombats will be at St. Andrew’s Hall on July 16. Just give them a try, they go down smooth.

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