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Preview: The Used at Royal Oak Music Theatre

The Used Royal Oak Music Theatre

The Used with The New Regime – May 10 and 11

The Used are more than just a band, for many of their fans they’re a spiritual awakening. When we heard they’d be playing two shows at Royal Oak Music Theatre as a celebration of their first albums, The Used and In Love and Death, we wanted to know just how much these shows are going to mean to their true die-hard fans. So we asked one.

So tell us, what does The Used mean to you?
To me, The Used means not being afraid of your own self, accepting who you are, embracing your emotions, and just letting the shit out. They have so many songs where I close my eyes and just imagine free falling from miles above the Earth. Specifically, “Buried Myself Alive”, right when the first chorus breaks, I jump from my imaginary airplane and feel complete and utter freedom from the world.

When was the first time you heard them?
I first heard them in middle school and I couldn’t get enough. I had recently started listening to 89x and they played The Used often. I was hooked immediately, they were like a drug. The heavy drums and guitar got my blood pumping high speed every damn time, it was even better than a drug! Even after all these years I get the same high listening to them.

How many times have you seen them live? What was your favorite performance?
I’d guess I’ve seen them about six times, and each time has been better than the last. The first show was at Cobo Hall. They were touring with My Chemical Romance. At that show, I did my very first crowd surf and it’s the only show in the history of my concert going experiences where I was actually on time, and stood in line waiting for the doors. It was totally worth it.

My favorite time seeing them was at The Fillmore in Detroit in 2007. There was a point in the show where Bert split the crowd down the center then instructed everyone to run at each other as soon as the music broke. It was fucking awesome.

Roughly, how many times have you listened to the self-titled debut album, The Used?
I’ve listened to the debut title album at least 100 times. I was pleasantly surprised one time falling asleep at night listening to it when the hidden track “Choke Me” played. The intro to that song has what sounds like a very surprised Bert getting a delightful birthday gift from an enthusiastic British lady. It’s still one of my favorites to hear, intro and all. It feels so personal and it was fun for me to get an unedited peek into their lives off the stage, and outside of the studio even for just a moment.

How many times have you listened to In Love and Death?
I’ve heard it many more times than the debut album. As soon as I put this cd in, I loved it in it’s entirety. The track “I’m A Fake” became an anthem for that time of my life, because it seemed to perfectly describe my peers. I grew as a person after listening to this album. I also found the album to be very diverse. I believe it has a song for everyone. I can, on a good day, sing this album word for word with all the pauses to take breaths and everything.

I enjoyed this album so much I got a tattoo of the bleeding heart from the album cover, sans noose, on my inner bicep. It hurt like hell, but the pain was worth it.

What will it take to keep you from seeing them on May 10 and 11?
Nothing will keep me from seeing them. I’ll quit my job, sell my car, and even an ovary if I have to. These are their greatest albums and this tour feels like it was designed for all the hardcore, old school fans of The Used like myself. I will fucking be there!

Joining The Used at Royal Oak Music Theatre is The New Regime, fronted by songwriter, guitar player and drumming prodigy, Ilan Rubin. While in some cases prodigy might sound a bit presumptuous, Rubin actual is one. He’s is in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the youngest performer to grace the stage at Woodstock, back in 1999 at the age of 11, and he’s only gotten better since. Ilan Rubin has beaten the skins for bands like NOFX, Nine Inch Nails, and most recently, Paramore. He’s grown to be more than just a drummer, though. The recently released the single, “We Rise We Fall”, showcases Rubin on lead guitar and singer for the catchy, emotional anthem. Rubin and The New Regime know what it takes to be an electric performers, and will serve as the perfect primer before we’re treated to the transcendent raw emotion of The Used.

Royal Oak Music Theatre

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