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Preview: Twenty One Pilots with Mutemath


Yes, Twenty One Pilots are the main draw on June 3rd at DTE Energy Music Theatre. At this point, they might be the most dynamic rock show on the planet. Needless to say, being the opening act for Twenty One Pilots is something of a tall order. Luckily, they’ve found the perfect band for it, a band you should make sure to show up early to see: Mutemath.

Mutemath released their fourth album, Vitals, back in November. It’s a step further in the direction of evolving into a modern dance-rock sound. Mutemath are traditionally considered alt-rock, but putting them in a category tends to be useless. The New Orleans group do exactly what great musicians from the jazz city always do – the unexpected. Vitals is a microcosm for who Mutemath have become – a journey of talented guys doing what you least expect and making it sound like nothing you’ve ever heard.

If there’s a band to compare them with, Coldplay might work. Always pushing new styles, making it sound powerful, and killing a live show worthy of stadium venues. While they might not be as mesmerizing to watch as Twenty One Pilots, they’re worthy of sharing the stage.

Mutemath are the perfect appetizer to Twenty One Pilots.

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