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Preview: Prophets Of Rage at DTE Music Theatre

Prophets of Rage

by Philip Costache

If I asked you to name the first super-group that came to mind, would you reference Prophets of Rage? Umm…Unlikely. Your response: Asia. But where Asia are infamous for grandiose, mushy pop songs, Prophets of Rage distinguish themselves by taut and lively instrumentalism, the framework to politically charged lyrics.

Who are these guys? In case you’ve been on the run the past year, Prophets of Rage encompasses all the members from Rage Against the Machine, minus Zach De La Rocha. The erstwhile frontman’s spot is now shared by legendary rappers B-Real and Chuck D. And joining them on the wheels of steel, the acclaimed turntablist, DJ Lord (Public Enemy).

Although the sets focus on RATM’s repertoire, Prophets of Rage also perform cover songs of Public Enemy, Cypress Hill, Audio Slave and Springsteen. Additionally, expect the boys to drop a few cuts from their forthcoming EP, “The Party’s Over.”

Unlike most mainstream musicians, Prophets of Rage disseminate messages that have value beyond blind hedonism. Their integrity, determination and energy should stimulate our drive to improve widespread social-political-economic conditions. In a society where many have adopted the neoliberal agenda that encourages self-serving as the ultimate goal, Prophets of Rage beckon us toward ideals of unity and community.

As evidence of their social conscience, Prophets of Rage have performed a free concert in support of End Hunger Now! Also, a portion of all proceeds from Make America Rage Again tour will be pledged to local charities.

2 thoughts on “Preview: Prophets Of Rage at DTE Music Theatre

  1. How was it? Disappointing. Sorry but Zack cannot be replaced, especially by an signature voice that makes no effort to render the original sound (or pronunciation) of poetry to be performed, not simply recited in dead verse. Try again boys. Pull up your pants, work it out, get Zack back in the fight.

    1. I agree, Zack can never be replaced. However, from everything I’ve read, he doesn’t want to play with Rage anymore. He’s become a bit of a recluse. I thought the show still had a good energy, but greatly miss Zack. – JT

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