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Preview: The Last Shadow Puppets at The Fillmore

The Last Shadow Puppets - Photo Credit Zackery Michael

Brooding orchestrations and sweeping symphonies are donned like layers of urbane autumn attire intended to impress, but not with ostentation, rather with clear and often time subtle display of restraint. Musically, The Last Shadow Puppets may not have much in common with Alex Turner’s Arctic Monkeys and Miles Kane’s The Rascals; the boys opting to substantially borrow and mix elements from late-60’s/early-70’s Baroque pop, spaghetti western and spy thriller soundtracks.

Alex and Miles have a swagger about them, bravado seeping out of their pores. They exude coolness, suaveness and sophistication to an alarming extent – hide your girlfriends…and boyfriends, for that matter, as no one is immune to their seductive thrall. Oftentimes, and anyone who has seen The Last Shadow Puppets in concert can attest, the guys dress in clothes that are symmetrical to the euphonies they emit. Theatrics and melodrama are counterbalanced in bittersweet fashion by a knack for rousing us out of lethargy with pulsating, syncopated rhythms and intense, expressive melodies: a style of music best described as upbeat-melancholia.

The Last Shadow Puppets have created songs that don’t overstay their welcome. They are enlighteningly concise. As if the guys have confessed everything YOU need to know, but are purposely hiding a piece of information that grant the songs an enigmatic aura. Perhaps seeing them live will furnish us that vital chain-connecting link.

See them live at The Fillmore on July 26.

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