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Preview: Iggy Pop at Fox Theatre

Iggy pop

It happens to all rock legends. As their ages climb, their attitudes die, they become more reflective, accepting, sentimental, and corny. Not Iggy Pop.

Despite closing in on 70, the Detroit rock legend is still offering his dark outlook on this rainbow reality we call life. The new album from Iggy Pop, his seventeenth studio album, keeps things dark and, as the title might suggest, depressing. In Post Pop Depression we get the Iggy we have loved from before, and thankfully, it looks like he isn’t going to change it up now.

While his music was, and continues to be, delightfully dark and rambunctious, Iggy Pop made his name with his utterly insane stage antics. The shirtless wonder became legendary for his live performances early in his career. The internet is riddled with unconfirmed stories of Iggy rolling around in broken glass, exposing himself to the crowd, and performing the first ever stage dive (at least that’s what Wikipedia told me). Iggy Pop is a wild, some would say a… real wild child (see what we did there), and while he may not be rolling in broken glass anymore, the wild spirit still burns as bright as ever.

With the help of collaborator all star Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age, Iggy Pop has cultivated an album with the attitude all the other aging rock stars avoid. He’s not pretending everything is sunshine and lollipops, fuck that, he sees the world for the utter disappointment it tends to be. Iggy Pop made it as a successful artist a long time ago, but that doesn’t mean he looks at the world with rose-colored lenses now. His greatest days performing might be behind him, but his best songwriting seem to be on the horizon.

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Post Pop Depression also benefits from Iggy Pop not “losing it” with his vocals. As is true with most of his career, it’s a low growl, bursting at the seams with energy. You don’t get the earth shattering crescendos of a rock anthem, but rather the low, taunting bellows of an untouchable rebel giving you the middle finger.

Joining Iggy Pop and Homme on stage and on the album are Royal Oak’s own Dean Fertita of Queens of the Stone Age, and Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders at Detroit’s Fox Theatre on April 7. The Detroit attitude of Iggy Pop from his early 20’s is still there, and just like always, the shirt is not. Enjoy the show.


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