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Preview: Florence and the Machine at DTE

Florence And The Machine

Watch the skies on June 11 as demigods Florence + the Machine descend and play the valley of that famous grassy knoll on which we’ve all slipped down while drunk on more than one occasion (aka DTE Energy Music Theatre). Florence has a knack for injecting hope and resolution into even the most downtrodden tunes. A great track, much like a great movie, engulfs you in such a way that reality duly falls apart and makes way for a transcendental fantasy where all that was lost is found.

Music artists and their fandom share an intimate bond that’s much like a psychiatrist and patient relationship. When on stage, the artists are simultaneously doctors and patients: music and lyrics are the outlets with which the audience heals their inner wounds. By that token, simply being there and participating, we, the fans, are the musicians’ confidants/shrinks. Their music is alive with confessional tones. It’s a perfect symbiotic relationship designed to help each of us better cope with life. Florence + the Machine do more than just help us cope with life, they elevate it to soaring heights and shed light into darkness. When you’re engulfed in flames of despair, a doctor is what you need. Dr. Florence is in, and she will see you now.

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