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Preview: Bloc Party at Majestic Theatre

Bloc Party

Bloc Party are one of those bands we hear about, we like what we hear, but never pull the trigger on listening to their whole catalog. Why? We aren’t sure.

Recently we started to break that trend by listening to their new album, “HYMNS”. The aptly titled new effort highlights the spiritual nature of the tracks, which are less “found God”, more “I feel great and can’t explain why”. Less like Creed’s “Higher”, more like Jackie Wilson’s “Higher and Higher” (that extra ‘Higher’ makes ALL the difference). We dig the new album, but according to some haters on Youtube, it’s not “classic” Bloc Party, but what’s their classic stuff sound like?

Being novices, we dug into their past catalog to see what we could find. The result? Wow. Bloc Party’s new album was good enough to get us to the Majestic Theatre where they’re playing on May 27, but after we uncovered previous hits like “Helicopter” and “Banquet“, we can’t wait for them to get here. Their classic stuff sounds like The Strokes, but without the heavily distorted vocals. And, anytime you get compared to The Strokes, you’re doing something right. Between the garage rock beginnings, to the recent spiritual vibe, Bloc Party will surely provide a great night of music.

Speaking of distortion, Bloc Party will be joined by fellow British rocker, Oscar. His debut album “Cut and Paste” has been met with critical acclaim, and with good reason. The heavily distorted guitar licks are accompanied with luscious synthesized grooves that construct some of the most unique songs we’ve heard. Check out “Sometimes” from Oscar and get tickets to see for yourself why he’s big deal.

A night full of electronic garage rock awaits us!

The Majestic Theatre

May 27 – Tickets

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