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Preview: Beach Slang at The Shelter

Let’s get fucking wild/
Holy and strange/
Let’s make the loudest sounds until we feel something/

Too refractory to be controlled, too loud and wild to be told… Punk rockers Beach Slang are bringing the battlefield to Detroit. Although frontman Alex James is hardly a greenhorn to the music scene, his latest manifestation, Beach Slang, is but a current creation. The Philly-based quartet are hot off their first full-length album release, “The Things We Do to Find People Who Feel Like Us.”

No these streets ain’t got no guts/
They’re like sad sex with clumsy tongues/

Punk’s provenance is an ill-fated social condition that is simultaneously burdensome and potently inspirational. Beach Slang are tragically self-aware and certain they inhabit a cynical world. They maintain an impulsive desire to unadulturatedly express themselves and are frank about their prospects. Punks with wild hearts, lost on the sordid streets of vicious temptations. Luckily, Beach Slang have found an outlet for their mundane frustrations. “The Things We Do” is comprised of raw cuts meant to convey honest emotions and intellect. It’s a cathartic record exhorting us to never forget our roots as we struggle to make sense of our fleeting selves; the soundtrack to our forever nights of youth.

The sound of your heart is wired to break/
Too fucked up to love, too soft to hate/

Despite Beach Slang being recent initiates in the punk rock guild, if they continue churning out earnestly fierce sounds, it shouldn’t be long before they are canonized. Because of their candid approach to music, they truly deserve our attention.

The night is alive, it’s loud, and I’m drunk/

The Shelter

May 17 – Tickets
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