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Preview: Adele at The Palace of Auburn Hills


Adele has come a long way from her last show in Detroit at the intimate Royal Oak Music Theatre in 2011. It was the perfect venue for such an emotional and moving performer like Adele. Now, it’s impossible to think of an Adele show at such an intimate venue, but that’s what makes her great.  Her popularity has grown to selling out the Palace, yet her shows are just as intimate of her ROMT days.

Recently, rumor had it (wah wah) Adele was in talks to perform the 2017 Super Bowl Halftime show. Thankfully, she announced it wouldn’t be happening. Adele cited the show “not being about music. And I don’t really…I can’t dance or anything like that.” Also, she knows what it really means to make a connection to her fans. The Super Bowl would put her in the living rooms of like 115 million people. But, the rushed and bloated nature of it would destroy the intimate connection she creates.

To prove our point, here’s exhibit A, B, and C to why Adele not only is one of the most talented performers on the planet, but also keeps it real and entertaining at all times.  

A. The first clip is when she went undercover as an Adele impersonator (quite a stretch), only to surprise all the gals at the event by revealing to them that “Jenny” is actually “Adele.” This clip makes us officially interested.


B. The ever-popular Carpool Karaoke clip with equally adorable James Corden. She kills it. We’ve gone from interested to obsessed.


C. Finally, her headlining set at a childhood dream festival, Glastonbury. The performance is complete with all the humor, wit and cursing charm you expect from Adele. We have crossed from obsessed to in love.


Adele has made a career out of living in the moment and making sure her fans know she appreciates all of them. She can make each of the 100,000 people at Glastonbury feel like they’re seeing a one-on-one performance in their living room. So she’ll have no problem making all of Detroit feel like she’s playing an intimate gig at Cliff Bell’s, not the Palace of Auburn Hills.

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