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Preview: The 89X Birthday Bash

On May 8 we’ll be celebrating a birthday that’s almost as important to us as our own. Our beloved radio channel, 89X, will host its annual 89X Birthday Bash to celebrate another year rocking our Detroit (and Windsor) earholes. From Joywave and Foals, to Silversun Pickups, the lineup card is full with some of music’s brightest and best. If you’re not familiar with some of the bands on the docket, check them out here and make sure to bring your A game – 89X would want nothing less for its birthday. And if you don’t have tickets yet, get them here.



Joywave are probably most known for their collaboration with Big Data for the track “Dangerous.” (Don’t even pretend you didn’t love that song.)

They recently released a very amusing video for their new single “Destruction” watch here:

How can you not love a band that has such a great sense of humor about themselves? The video peels back the tribulations of being a rock band on the road, albeit in a satirical, Spinal Tap-esque fashion.

Highlights include:

  • MP3 player traveling first class on the plane, as the rest of the five guys squeeze into three seats in the back of the plane.
  • The end is hilarious, as hilarious as a drug overdose can be, when the MP3 player tragically dies from the excessive lifestyle it had begun to live.

Luckily for us, the entire surviving lineup will be ready to turn it out at The Fillmore, in memory of their fallen member, FGMP3 (First Generation MP3).


Silversun Pickups

California through and through, Silversun Pickups provide us proof of how important it is to continue evolving, just like our beloved 89X has done over the years.

Silversun Pickups began as a distorted, raw, alternative rock band, sounding very similar to The Smashing Pumpkins, they have adapted to their surroundings, and from their success, to incorporate a slightly more electronic and bigger sound. The newest album, Better Nature, contains the monster tunes needed to reach all the newly acquired fans they garner.

So don’t worry if you have seats a bit far away from the action, you’ll be able to hear everything loud and clear from Silversun Pickups. Here is the first single off their latest album:



These British indie rockers have conquered a range of sounds – from a deep tranquil stream of emotion, to a raging rapid of chaos, and touching on every river-based metaphor you can think of in between. What makes Foals special is how well their songs translate to live performances.

Live music is about experiencing the raw emotion from the band and the crowd – no band holds more true to this than Foals. They live for the moments on stage, and it’s reflected in their music. The new album, What Went Down, was recorded with an awareness of how the tracks would translate in front of a live audience.

Here’s all the evidence we need to convince you that once you leave the 89X Birthday Bash, you will wonder how you ever survived without Foals. If it pleases the court, we would like to submit exhibits A, B, and C, your honor.

Exhibit A – Inhaler 

Exhibit B – What Went Down

Exhibit C – Two Steps Twice (Live)

We rest our case.

The 89X Birthday Bash
May 8th – Doors at 6:30
The Fillmore – $20

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