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Starting off with the man, the myth, the Canadian, Neil Young and ending with the hidden gem festival on Riverfront Park, July is sure to help you get your fix of live music.

Neil Young

Where: Fox Theatre
When: July 3
That distortion tho…

The War On Drugs

Where: Royal Oak Music Theatre
When: July 5


Where: Fox Theatre
When: July 6

Arcade Fire

Where: DTE
When: July 7
Make me famous.

Janelle Monae

Where: Fox Theatre
When: July 9

Zombie and Manson

Where: DTE
When: July 11

Journey and Def Leppard

Where: Comerica Park
When: July 13
This video is just terrible. Great song though.

Weezer and Pixies

Where: DTE
When: July 13

Panic! At the Disco

Where: LCA
When: July 14

Lauryn Hill

Where: Freedom Hill
When: July 20

Ted Nugent

Where: DTE
When: July 20

A$AP Ferg

Where: St. Andrew’s Hall
When: July 21


Where: LCA
When: July 22

Mo Pop Festival

Where: Riverfront Park
When: July 28 & 29

See you around, Detroit!