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Must See Concerts in Detroit – October 2018

Must See October

MONSTER shows this month…just in time for Halloween.


Where: ROMT
When: October 1
We’re in love and we never miss a show.

The Revolution

Where: Majestic Theatre
When: October 4
Not as good as Prince, but still close. RIP

The Growlers

Where: Majestic Theatre
When: October 5
Beach Goth Rock at it’s best. Really fun show.

The Frights

Where: The Shelter
When: October 11
Not as frightening as they sound.

Elton John

Where: LCA
When: October 12 & 13
It’s Elton, BITCH! This song doesn’t get played enough – “Have Mercy On The Criminal”

The Eagles

Where: LCA
When: October 14
Hell froze over apparently. This documentary recently just came to Netflix. It’s pretty amazing.

Foo Fighters

Where: LCA
When: October 15
Is Dave Grohl the coolest human to ever live? Yes. Yes, he is.

Minus the Bear

Where: St. Andrew’s Hall
When: October 20
The rocked out in Detroit not too long ago. RUN IT BACK!

Nine Inch Nails

Where: Fox Theatre
When: October 22 & 23
Serious tho: is Trent Reznor getting younger as the years go by? Dorian Gray up in this bitch.

Twenty One Pilots

Where: LCA
When: October 24
I mean, just look how their last show at DTE wrapped up. This one is going to be wild.


Where: Masonic Temple
When: October 26
Had a good time with them at Mo Pop over the summer. Coming back for more. Check out the album review from the internet’s busiest music nerd below.


Where: The Fillmore
When: October 27
“Kick out the jams mother fuckerrrrrr!”

Sir Sly

Where: Majestic Theatre
When: October 27
They were killing it at The Shelter before. Welcome back!

Fleetwood Mac

Where: LCA
When: October 30
You know all the songs, check out this video essay on how great Fleetwood Mac is at making music.

See you around, Detroit!

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