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Concert Review: Mac DeMarco at MOPOP Festival

by Angela Brooks

Mac DeMarco puts on one hell of a show, just ask any of his fans. They’re easy to find – copying Mac’s signature style of rolled up jeans, a baseball cap and red Vans. All day at MOPOP, my friends and I played a game to see who could spot the most Mac DeMarco fans. I won…as far as you know.

This was my second time experiencing the Canada native after first attending his show at The Crofoot in November. His kind of nonchalant indie-rock had me extremely excited again, but I still didn’t know just what I was getting into.

DeMarco kicked off his set with “The Way You’d Love Her,” a brief and emotive song featuring Mac’s signature vocal droning accompanied by warped guitar chords. A good choice to familiarize the audience with his sound and get into the groove. However, the crowd (comprised mostly of teens and early 20-year-olds) was far tamer than what I had experienced back in November. He didn’t wait long to jump into his most popular song, with 18 million + plays on Spotify, “Salad Days.” It’s safe to say that everyone was pumped for this song, whether you knew the artist or not. There were crowd surfers, and somebody finally started a mini all-girl mosh pit in the front, myself included.

DeMarco played a variety of hits, from all his albums; if you had just become a fan or have been with him since the beginning, there was something for everyone. During “Ode to Viceroy,” many of the more dedicated fans threw the Canadian brand cigarette on stage, perhaps to show their devotion to the self-described “scum-bag” 26-year-old. As the somewhat short-lived set came to a close, Mac invited the audience to come “hang out in Detroit” with him, before diving off the stage and into a sea of screaming fan boys and girls.

Set list:
The Way You’d Love Her
Salad Days
The Stars Keep On Calling My Name
Another One
Freaking Out The Neighborhood
Ode to Viceroy
Without Me
My Kind of Woman
Chamber of Reflection

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