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List-O-Mania: Top 5 Pig and Whiskey Songs

In honor of the Pig and Whiskey Festival in Ferndale this weekend, I wanted to give my Top 5 “Pig and Whiskey” songs. I must say after doing a bit of research for this, country music really LOVES their whiskey. Holy shit. Luckily for all 6 of my readers, I hate country music, so none of that junk made the list. Also, this is most live performances, I just took the version I liked the best based on a YouTube search. So down your whiskey and start getting frisky…wait no. That was terrible. Drink up this Top 5.

5. Whiskey Rock A Roller- Lynyrd Skynyrd

We won’t be going country, but we kind of have to go southern. Southern rock at it’s finest. My favorite thing about Skynyrd is how every song mentions their dislikes. Still, this song rocks. I have started to notice a pattern with Skynyrd enjoying their poor grammar skills. We get it guys, you are southern and probably not the most educated. Very nice touch with the piano keys in this tune as well. It gives a nice dance feel to an otherwise out-and-out rock song. Good way to start the listen, get your hips moving.

4.. Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar) – The Doors

Two songs, two associations with the state of Alabama, we can’t avoid it. I’m pretty certain they wrote and recorded this while drunk as hell. That would explain the simple, scattered lyrics. Also, the two main themes repeated over and over are “show me the way to the next whiskey bar” and “show me the way to the next little girl.” Just to keep myself from feeling too uncomfortable with that thought, I’m going to just assume by “little girl” Mr. Morrison meant at least 18 years old. The part that confirms my suspicion about the drunkest song ever recorded is the end, when it changes into a chanty show tune. Definitely the drunkest written song.

3. One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer – George Thorogood

Not exactly whiskey, but bourbon and scotch are close enough. This is a long one, but worth every minute. Even though we are treated to a story not many of us can relate to, a landlady you’ve had for 5 years despite not having a job. Well played Mr. Thorogood. However, we can ALL relate to going to a bar and drinking away a shitty night. Points for being about the closest lyrics to what we all imagine Blues music is – “Ain’t seen my baby since I don’t know when…I wanna get drunk…I’m broke.” Slick guitar work too. It’s tough to argue with such a badass song.


2. Have a Drink on Me – AC/DC

Everyone do your Brian Johnson voice with me, “Whiskey, gin and brand-day! With a glass I’m pretty hand-dy! Tryin to walk a straight line, on Sour Mash and cheap wine!” This kind of pissed me off – they don’t have a standard studio version on YouTube. So the choices are a low quality live video from the 1980s or a low quality live performance from the band in their 80s. I decided to go with the only video I have ever seen without Johnson wearing that trademark hat of his. Anyways, what a sloppy drunk song. You don’t have interrupt the lyrics too much with this one. Let’s get fucking drunk. All while trying to name as many different spirits as possible. Pretty sick opening notes too. I can’t be alone in saying I would definitely “Name That Tune” in less than 5 notes. This loses points because it sounds like every other one of their songs, but I guess that’s part of AC/DC’s charm.

1. New York City Cops – The Strokes

That grinding, chaotic, slow, start up rolls right into a beautiful punk riff makes that pulls it all together. Magnificent. I may be predictable at this point, but blame The Strokes for being so great. Originally, this was left off the US release for good reasons. But, has grow to be probably their most popular live track. I still don’t really know what the verse is even talking about, but I DARE you to hear this and not join in to the chorus. Anyone with the slightest young, rebellious side in them (and who hasn’t had that side?), loves to join in with Julian as we declare, “New York City Cops…they ain’t too smart!” Immediately followed by a rather short but sweet guitar solo. An all-time favorite. (See how clever I am with the “Pig” reference.)

Pigs. Whiskey. They ain’t too smart to mix, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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