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List: Top 5 Best Songs About Cocaine

Awww yeah! Get the party started with some Booger Sugar! Break out the Nose Candy and let’s have some fun! Say Hello to the Yayo! COKE!

It’s somewhat alarming how many rock songs are devoted to Blow. While doing “research” for this list, I started to think right behind women, the main reason to become a rock star was the seemingly endless supply of Bolivian Marching Powder that came flowing in. I have always been fascinated by the subject of cocaine in music. I mean, it seems like 9 of 10 songs are about love, and the other 10 percent are about the White Horse, it must be some pretty powerful stuff.

So ironically break out the insurance card and chop up some lines on your favorite stripper’s ass! Here are the Top 5 Songs about Cocaine!

5. Cocaine – Eric Clapton

Strange that such an iconic song about a drug that makes us so amped would be so subdued. Clapton sings like he is struggling to stay awake. Come on Eric, wake the fuck up! This is an anthem to your favorite party drug! This song is more like I feel after taking a Benadryl. Maybe this was originally an ode to qualudes, but then the late 70s hit and everything was covered in Snow. Still, a very good song, with an odd number of radio spins. I mean, we can’t even hear reference to handguns in music without it being edited like a North Korean press release. Yet, Eric Clapton’s 4-minute ballad to 8-balls remains on classic rock radio a good 40 years after it was released.

4. Lit Up – Buckcherry

Talk about subtly! Buckcherry don’t try to hide their love. With the opening line of “I’m on a plane with cocaine and yes I’m all lit up again,” there isn’t much room for interpretation. The best part is during the breakdown, when we hear “I chop a line for the fiending man cause he wants one. You know, you know, you got to!” This is yet another surprising radio hit. They rearranged the lyrics a bit for more friendly radio play, but the sprit is still there with all the screaming and what not. Much more like the cocaine effects we all know and love.

3. Time to Pretend – MGMT

Trippy ass video to match the trippy ass song. The whole thing is a crazy daydream about being rockstars and living the life they always hear about. This is a bit more of a reach to pinpoint it’s cocaine devotion, but they do come out and say “You man the island and the cocaine and the elegant cars.” It could be about some other drug, but we can all agree they definitely were high on something when they wrote this. I choose to believe they were high on blow.

2. Tell it to Me – Old Crow Medicine Show

By far, the most unique cocaine love letter you have ever heard. Nothing screams “Coke party” like a banjo…right? Old Crow Medicine Show prove even country boys love a brick now and then. With a bitching harmonica solo in the middle, you will never see a hoedown the same again. Although this is mostly an endorsement of stardust, there is certainly a warning to be absorbed. “Drink your corn liquor, let the cocaine be. Cocaine, killed my baby dead.” So, ya know, there’s that.

1. Columbia – Oasis

There it is. The helter skelter opening is brought together to form one of the best grooves from the Oasis catalog. The repetitive exclamation of “I can’t tell you the way I feel, cause the way I feel is oh so new to me,” is a dead giveaway to the amazing, indescribable feeling they have after doing a few rails. Along with giving the feeling of utter confusion and being disoriented while being high on coke true justice. The outro guitar lick is fabulous. The added vocals of Liam chanting “Come on, come on, come on, come on,” while Noel joins in with “Yeah yeah yeah!” make you want to consult your local drug pusher for a ball of your own to try. Good job boys.

*To the Cops: We do not endorse the use of cocaine in any form.

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