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List (END OF THE WORLD EDITION) – Top 10 Songs From The Rapture

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Meteors are falling to Earth in Detroit! The world is obviously ending soon. As we all take this just as seriously as John Cusack took his performance in the “hit” movie 2012 about the world ending, I thought it would be a great chance to list the Top 10 Songs from a brilliant band that is no longer together, The Rapture. Buckle up for the end of the world, baby!

10. The Devil

Biblical. I can’t be the only person that thinks of a 70s cop show theme when the first few chords kick in, right? Picturing a long-haired, mustached cop running through the streets of New York, only stopping to lower his Aviator sunglasses at a young lady in tight clothes and feathered hair to get a phone number. I may have over thought this song a bit.

9. Olio

One of the only songs that isn’t funky and a dance tune. This is more of a “coming down from a buzz all alone” song. Still really good, but not like the rest of the catalog. It shows a versatility to their emotional spectrum in writing songs.

8. No Sex For Ben

Apparently this was released for GTA4, I don’t recall hearing it in the game. I was likely preoccupied by my bloodlust during a killing spree and subsequent high speed chase from the coppers. A deep, almost dub-step beat drop gives this song a frantic and enjoyable chaos from the rip. I have no idea who the hell Ben is, but he’s not getting laid tonight. And for some reason The Rapture wanted to never let him forget.

7. House of Jealous Lovers

This is what THE Bruce Dickinson meant when he told Gene they needed a little more cowbell. A song so catchy, so funky, you can almost overlook the somewhat painful vocals of lead guitarist Luke Jenner. Jealous Lovers was my first introduction to The Rapture, as you can see with it only making it to number seven, the deeper you go with The Rapture, the better it gets.

6. Echoes

A signature sound that I love about these guys is the guitar screech that feels as though the song is going off the rails, only to bring the drums in to pull it right back from oblivion. Extra points awarded for being featured in Superbad, the scene at the party with the seedy folks and a chick grinds up on Jonah Hill, leaving a residue. Gross. Another brilliant example of the high-brow humor from Seth Rogan and Co.

5. Piece of the People We Love

A rather simple and much more stripped down song from the dance-funk group. Every time I hear this, I want to put on a suit, pour some scotch, light a cigar, and watch a gal impersonate Uma Thurman’s contest winning Twist dance performance. So cool, so smooth,  and without any of the heroin overdose.

4. How Deep Is Your Love?

The biggest hit after bass player Mattie Safer left the group. Also, probably Jenner’s finest vocal performance of all The Rapture hits. The rhythm keyboard line is amazing as it builds to the first introduction of drums. The breakdown around the 3 minute mark is what dance parties are made for, with an extended question of “How Deep is Your Love?” a thumping crescendo, and the outro complete with a sax freestyle and Jenner screaming, “Hallelujah” over and over. A religious experience indeed.

3. Woo! Alright, Yeah… Uh-Huh

Another slow build to a funky riff and driving pace. Vocal provided by bassist Mattie Safer. The one thing The Rapture are lousy with is a dance music. I get into arguments with people constantly about this, rock bands can make killer dance music. It doesn’t have to be completely electronic, and The Rapture are my first example of it. Every song of theirs is an explosion of rhythm and funk. In WAYUH, the bridge refrain of “People don’t dance no more…” is possibly the best phrase uttered from the boys. Ending on the somewhat inspiring line “I used to think ‘Life’s a bitter pill’ but it’s a grand old time!”

2. Sister Savior

This live version has the sax line the studio version lacks. Excellent choice. It adds a funk not seen since me when my water main broke and I wasn’t able to shower for five days. Added points for the audience chanting thrown in, I’m such a sucker for chants.

1. Gotta Get Myself Into It

Never a doubt. The music video for this features the tune as a soundtrack to an old-school roller skating disco. I have never wanted a pair of roller skates and a cool white hat more in my life. Again, the sax is featured in this highly danceable song to add some soul.

Speaking of souls, if the world is going to end tomorrow, I’m going out dancing my ass off. “Why not help me do it?”

I’ll see you all in Hell!

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