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List: Best 5 Songs About Colorado and Carolina

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Best Songs About Colorado and Carolina

By Philip Costache

This Sunday, two heavy-weight titans are going to be playing their hearts out just so we can be entertained. Well, I’m sure they do it for more than our pleasure. Quite possibly the best television commercials of the year will be broadcast for hundreds of millions to see. At the expense of people who couldn’t care less about the Super Bowl, countless others are going to be discussing the game, halftime show and commercials the following days. And we here at HWID, at no one’s expense or vexation – because no one is going to be talking about us — have assembled a list of our favorite songs depicting Colorado and Carolina.

You know what?! It’s time to grow a pair. Time to separate the men from the boys. Time to pick a side!



5) Carolina Drama – The Raconteurs


The Raconteurs are a “super-group” rallied by Detroit’s own Jack White. I’ve enclosed super-group in quotes because prior to knowing about The Raconteurs I was only privy to Jack White’s existence, but I hear the other dudes are also big goddamn deals. Carolina Drama is the 6-minute story telling finale of their album Consolers of the Lonely. It’s a tale of a trailer trash family having drama similar to Rabbit in 8 Mile, filled with lies, greed, abuse, and possibly murder… just like in 8 Mile.  Perfectly paced, perfectly told, perfectly dramatic.



4) Rocky Mountain High – John Denver

If you’ve ever wondered what Colorado’s theme song would sound like if I headed the Ministry of Tourism, your train stops here. This song is pure serenity: it conjures up visions of a solitary man exploring virgin forests, basking in pristine mountain lakes, climbing craggy peaks, running barefoot through sun-drenched, wildflower-filled meadows and, of course, getting stoned on Kush.



3) Raise Up – Petey Pablo


Timbaland’s blueprints are all over this one. Man, this tune sure does recall fond memories of my youth. It seemed like in 2001 everyone was from North Carolina. I guess you could say that for a very brief moment there was peace on earth. To this day, spinning my t-shirt around like a helicopter is still my preferred method of travel.



2) Wagon Wheel – Old Crow Medicine Show


This song builds upon and completes the rough sketch Bob Dylan penned in the early 1970s but never officially released. The vocals are a borderline yodel, and I’m perfectly fine with that. The cover by Darius Rucker brought Wagon Wheel into the limelight, but Old Crow’s version feels more authentic to how Dylan’s would have sounded if he had finished it. Bonus points for the fiddling the violin.



1) Get Out Of Denver – Bob Seger


One of the all-time greats! Not a particularly profound song; to the best of my knowledge, it’s just about driving at dangerously high speeds, accusing random strangers of being communists, and stealing money from elderly teachers. Who gives a shit, though? Seger, being godlike, can get away with any such misbehavior, and we, being unworthy fans, but fans nevertheless, should follow closely in his footsteps.


Based on our unerring calculations, Denver 23 – Carolina 22.9.

How did we arrive at this score? It’s a little something – maybe you’ve heard of it, I don’t know – called VOODOO!



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