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Interview with Stephen Beerkens of The Faim

the faim

by Jordan Mahoney

Pop-rock band The Faim are opening up for Hands Like Houses at The Magic Stick on November 20. We spoke with bassist and keyboard player Stephen Beerkens to talk music, TV shows and to throw shade at Arby’s.

HWID: Is this your first American tour?
SB: Yes. First time in America. We’re currently in Nevada.

HWID: What has been your favorite thing about the states so far?
SB: Seeing frozen trees and icicles. We’re from Australia and have never seen that before, so that was really cool.

HWID: What are the “weirdest” things you’ve experienced over here? Food, cultural norms, etc.
SB: People really like Australia, and everyone likes to chat. We had Arby’s for the first time and it was like a stacked burger of just processed meat. Biggest diabetes concoction you could ever imagine, beyond anything we’ve ever had before. And it didn’t even taste good! Just salty. I was like, “oh gosh!” Dominoes in the states mega changed my life. But Subway in Australia is way better, fresher. Americans need to get on Australia’s Subway, and Australia needs to get on America’s Dominoes!

HWID: We know you’ve had over eight million streams since February, how did you react when you actually saw those numbers?
SB: It was absolutely crazy. It was definitely something we hoped for but not expected. When we got “Summer Is A Curse” to one million streams, it was just a great morning. I was like, “HOLY CRAP!” We definitely don’t take it for granted. Every time it goes to a new milestone we sit back think about what led up to that point. What is now and what the future holds.

HWID: Who would you say are some of your influences?
SB: Our sound is very diverse. We had a lot of different influences especially with the bands we listened to growing up. If I had to say I would say something of a mix of Coldplay, The 1975, and Fall Out Boy.

HWID: Are you working on any new material your fans can look forward to?
SB: We’ve just finished three weeks of writing in LA and are super stoked about what we’ve got done there. I think definitely this year of touring has helped. With new experiences, going around the world, we’ve seen so much and met so many different people. There’s lots and lots of new material for people to look forward to in the future.

HWID: Why the name change from “Small Town Heroes” to “The Faim”?
SB: Just a milestone basically. As Small Town Heroes we wrote a couple of EPs and the sound was more pop punk. We couldn’t see ourselves living in that too much longer. We didn’t have much diversity in our music. We worked towards redefining ourselves as who we are as a band and musicians, and in the end nothing really stuck like “The Faim” with what our statement would be. The faim means hunger in French, and we really felt that that applied to us so much. Our hunger to want to succeed and keep moving forward in what we’re doing.

HWID: What are your three tour essentials?
SB: Sense of humor, thermals right now, a “toaster sandwich maker.” If you have bread, meat, and cheese you can make a normal sandwich; but if you have a sandwich toaster you can make any sandwich way better!

HWID: If you could play a show with 2-3 bands/people who would you choose and why?
SB: I reckon – oh man, this is huge. Coldplay would be sick. I know Josh would love to play with RHCP; and wow, probably the original Queen.

HWID: Would you rather never listen to music again, or never play again?
SB: Another hard one! I think never listen again because playing is just therapy. I’ve been playing since I could walk, I don’t remember ever not playing. I would probably go absolutely crazy if I wasn’t able to play.

HWID: Pancakes or waffles?
SB: Depends where you are. Waffles in Belgium, pancakes anywhere else in the world.

HWID: Converse or Vans?
SB: Connies.

HWID: Kiss or Guns ‘N’ Roses?
SB: Kiss.

HWID: If you were to go from rock to rap, what would your rap name be?
SB: Lil Steve.

HWID: You can only watch one TV show/movie series for the next year, what do you choose?
SB: Friends. It’s just a rollercoaster of emotions every time, it doesn’t get old!

See The Faim at The Magic Stick on Tuesday, November 20

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