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Interview with Rock Goddess Dorothy


by Justin Trudell

Dorothy Martin is the lead singer of the bitchin’ rock band with her namesake, Dorothy. They’re coming back to Detroit to headline a show at The Shelter on January 7. They’ve visited Detroit a few times, most recently as an opener for the glam-rockers, The Struts. Dorothy Martin chatted with us about playing in Detroit, the importance of writing, and her strong opinions on ranch as a pizza condiment.

HWID: What kind of memories do you have of playing in Detroit?
Dorothy: Detroit is such a raw, energetic city. Last time we rolled through with The Struts, and we hit some of the local pubs after the show. We always love coming to a city that birthed so many legendary artists, and it happens to be our own Eli Wulfmeier’s hometown.

HWID: How do you feel about the current landscape and the future of rock?
Dorothy: My favorite generation of rock always has been, and probably always will be, the 90s. But, I hope with our hometown opening acts we can help shine some light on potential future bright stars. We’ve seen quite a few talented females step up to the plate and that’s exciting.

HWID: How do you pass the time on the road between shows?
Dorothy: I read, exercise, hit local thrift, book and vinyl shops, and hunt for good coffee. I walk around the city and take pictures, which usually end up in a tour diary.

HWID: What’s a must have on your show rider?
Dorothy: Water, healthy food, incense, candles, Palo santo, and dark chocolate. Once I asked for unicorn onesie as a joke and someone brought it. I wear it on the bus.

HWID: What’s the writing process like for you? Do you typically write new music while on the road, or getting into a studio and getting down to business works best?
Dorothy: Writing deserves its own time and space. This last record was very healing and total group effort between me, the band, and Linda Perry. Sometimes the band would jam and I’d write lyrics and melody intuitively in the moment. Sometimes Linda and I would sit down with the acoustic and tell a story. There are no rules, we go by feeling. I trust my intuition and when something feels inspired I don’t question it.

HWID: Stealing this from one of our favorite shows, Hot Ones, could you explain these Instagram photos in greater detail for us.

HWID: Did you actually finish that whole slice?
Dorothy: The whole damn thing.

HWID: What condiments are acceptable on pizza? Hot sauce? Ranch? Ketchup?
Dorothy: RANCH ONLY.

Rockumentary? Yes. @kristingram

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HWID: Can we expect to see a documentary from you soon, and what would it be about?
Dorothy: A behind the scenes look at the creative process would be cool, wouldn’t it? If there WERE to be a doc, which I’m not saying there is yet, it would be an in depth look at how we create an album, footage of shows, and a whole lot of fan love.

HWID: Conan always has some of the coolest musical acts for his shows, so it’s no surprise you performed there, what was that experience like when you were there back in November?
Dorothy: It was totally cool and fun, plus he invited us back so I’m looking forward to that. He’s a true music fan, bands like us appreciate when people offer up their platform.

See Dorothy rock The Shelter on January 7

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