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Halloween Week – List of the Top 7 Candy Songs

By Jena Fay

When it comes to Halloween music, I’m no fan. Let’s skip the spooky and get to the candy.

7. Chocolate – The 1975

That hair! Those lyrics! The 1975 are everything you need.

6. Candy Girl – New Edition

This song is positively delightful. It has all the happy, sweet, lovin’ goodness packed tight into a short 3.5 minutes. From the first few seconds, you’re hooked. Maybe it’s this theme but catchy seems to be recurring here. I feel overwhelmed with the urge to find a basketball court and play a one on one game against a cute boy who will envitably steal my heart by letting me win. Then, we’ll go get ice cream, hold hands on a walk, and watch the sunset. I’ve put a lot of thought into this.

5. Laffy Taffy – D4L

It’s fun and entertaining for the first few seconds but incredibly repetitive (as with most club songs). Laffy Taffy deserves to be on the list for the simple fact that it’s one of the few songs that has a literal candy for a title. I’ve yet to find a person who isn’t at least interested to see what this song has to offer. Mostly, it just makes you shrug your shoulders and say, “What the hell? I can sway to it.” Although, it leaves me thinking “What’s my laffy taffy and why should I shake it?” It’s the curiosity curse in me. Thank you Urban Dictionary. You never disappoint.

4. Tootsee Roll – 69 Boyz

I’ll never tire of this one. It’s a feel good dance song and wedding staple for many years to come! Easy to sing along, easy to dance to, just easy. Who doesn’t love the familiar sounds of 69 Boyz every once in awhile? It also makes me think of the memes, “If she doesn’t know, she’s too young for you.” It’s like a  summer drive with all your pals packed into your one friends car. You know the friend. The one who got a car immediately when they got their license and you always resented… I mean felt happy for. Well, you’re all packed in there, driving nowhere for hours and hours, listening to music at harmful volumes. It was the best time you could have without getting into trouble.

3. Honey – Mariah Carey

Just take a moment and think about all the hits this lady has put out. Her musical prowess is unmatched and I’m not even a Mimi fanatic. One cannot deny her talent though. This song IS an era. It makes you recall all those great 90’s songs . So, it kind of comes with a pose. Also, it was when music videos were actually watchable. When they had real directors, felt like mini movies, and had eight-figure budgets. Nowadays, they’re lacking some story and they all feel like carbon copies of each other. Wow, that made me sound old but, I guess its a nice reminder of the good ‘ol days.

2. Candy Shop – 50 Cent ft Olivia

Like the rest of the list, we’re definitely not referring to actual candy or sweets. When it comes to 50, he sounds so damn bored on all of his songs. It’s like he’s moments from falling asleep. Somehow (perhaps between naps), he managed to put out a ton of hit songs! This one is no exception. Maybe it’s the added female vocals but, it’s a great one to sing and shimmy along with. Also, I enjoy a good innuendo whenever possible. Good jam that deserves to be number one.

1. Sweet Sour – Band of Skulls

OK, I lied, please forgive me? This song is definitely top spot. Bonus: band name is Halloween like. You can have that, at no extra charge. If the immediate bitchin’ guitar slam doesn’t rope you in, just wait. This trio is phenomenal. To be honest, I almost forgot about this song for the list because it doesn’t really feel like it fits in but, I was sadly mistaken. This song will leave you singing it throughout the day but its not one that’ll make you bugged out that its stuck in your head. Another bonus: it comes with a badass feeling. You know? You listen to a hardcore amazing song and you just want to walk through a brick wall? That’s Sweet Sour. Its always on repeat.


Honorable mentions :
“Sugar” by Maroon 5
“Build Me Up Buttercup” by The Foundations
“Candy” by Mandy Moore
“Sugar, Sugar” by The Archie’s
“Milkshake” by Kelis

There you have it. Got any to add? Let us know. Don’t forget to brush & floss twice daily

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