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Gimmie Some MoPop 2017 – Can’t Miss Performance: Run The Jewels

MOPOP Festival, the sizzling summer festival all of Detroit loves, takes place July 29 & 30 in West Riverfront Park! We have 3 performances we will not miss. Run The Jewels are Part 1 of our series. Check back next week to see the next on in our series.

Run The Jewels are the indie hip-hop duo of El-P and Killer Mike. El-P is the New York born white boy with blunt in his hand and a middle finger in the air. An entire career as a respected producer led to a back catalog of well-respected, yet somewhat unknown tracks. Most of America was first exposed to Killer Mike during the summer of 2016, as he campaign alongside of Bernie Sanders. But, he’s been hustling since the 90s alongside acts like Outkast, only didn’t reach the heights of Big Boi and Andre 3000. El-P and Killer Mike formed RTJ in 2013, and we finally saw them last year.

A sold out show back in February set our love affair with RTJ into a full-blown obsession. El-P and Killer Mike had the crowd bouncing from the rip. The two worked together like an old school MC battle, only the back and forth was friendly fire. The setlist was a great mix of bangers from their albums we’ve dumped on nearly every Spotify playlist we make. They ended the show with the defiant, rager “Close Your Eyes (And Count to F**K),” then “Down” a great new song from their latest album, RTJ3.

The third album from Run The Jewels, RTJ3, dropped just before Christmas of 2016, roughly a week before originally planned. Needless to say the internet went nuts, and for good reason. RTJ3 showed a significant growth in the duo, which would’ve seemed impossible considering how great the first two albums had been. The show started with “Talk to Me,” the second track from the new album and brought the entire venue to a slow boil before erupting like a volcano. The show was incredible, and left us wanting more. Luckily, we get to see RTJ once again here in Detroit at MOPOP 2017. GET TICKETS.



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