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Gimmie Some MoPop 2017 – Can’t Miss Performance: Wavves


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The video game playin’, 90s wrestling lovin’, limousine ridin’, nature boys (woo!) known as Wavves said “fuck it, let’s have some fun” a long time ago. The indie rockers from Whale’s Vagina, California (San Diego), just dropped their sixth album, You’re Welcome, this year, and it’s their best yet.

A normally pulse-pounding punk sound gave way to some more relaxed grooves for the new album. One of our favorite tracks, “Million Enemies,” has an accompanying music video that gives even more enjoyment to an already fantastic song. The video features the guys dressed as straight up glam rock wannabes, awkwardly dancing in their Judas Priest-esque studded leather jackets, feather boas, and fur coats. It’s a throwback to the 80s, both in style and sound. Wavves once again prove being a rockstar is about having fun, while still making great music.

Wavves have a deep catalog of energetic indie anthems from their six albums with mildly confusing titles. Their self-titled debut was followed up by just adding a “V” for 2009’s Wavvves. Then, in 2015, their fifth album title dropped everything but that extra “V” and was simply titled V. We get it, V=5 in Roman Numerals, but we still like to think they’re just fucking with us.

Pitchfork magazine has given a ton of love to Wavves, for obvious reasons. Both their second album Wavvves and third album, King of the Beach were named Best New Album of the year for 2009 and 2010, respectively. And the GREATEST honor to receive from Pitchfork, Wavves were on the list of Top 40 Artists Twitters in 2012. Top that, Cloud Nothings!

So be sure to check out Wavves at Mopop this year. What’s even better is they’re playing a gig at The Magic Stick the same night! Honestly, we aren’t sure how that’s going to work, but you better believe we will…catch the Wavves at both venues. (Thanks. We’ll let ourselves out.)

Get Tickets for Wavves at The Magic Stick – Saturday, July 29th


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