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Gimmie Some MoPop 2017 – Can’t Miss Performance: Vance Joy

vance joy

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Vance Joy’s music is what we imagine sunshine sounds like. What a perfect artist to play MOPOP Festival. The smooth folk sound is what you want to hear as you load up on the craft beers and let the grub from Food Truck Alley settle.

It’s nearly impossible to listen to Vance Joy and not feel…well, joy. His music has a realistic optimism that makes you feel like everything’s gonna be just fine. We’re all familiar with his incredibly popular “Riptide,” in which he manages to make a ukulele look cool. But, he rocks a pretty deep catalog of tunes.

Vance Joy only has one full length album out, Dream Your Life Away, but that’s all he needs. The Australian Benedict Cumberbatch (seriously, look at the comparison) does more than just ukuleles and acoustic guitar ballads. Give a listen to “Fire and the Flood” and you get a horn section bursting through the speakers, straight into your soul. One of his more underrated tracks is the beautiful “Mess is Mine,” has a string section. It’s a gorgeously catchy song about being in love with someone, faults and all. Either that, or judging by the music video, it’s about global warming becoming a problem for the next generation. POLITICS! CAN’T ESCAPE THEM!

Actually, let’s try to, just for this weekend. MOPOP Festival 2017 is going to be great, let’s just make it about the music, food, and beer. That’s why we’re going anyways. Well, also to hear what sunshine sounds like when Vance Joy starts to play.


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