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Electric Forest 2017 Preview: Interview with GL&M Productions

Electric Forest

Part 4 of our Electric Forest 2017 Coverage

by Mike Pfeiffer

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When I first started going to EDM shows a large part of what attracted me to the scene was the fashion and enthusiasm for self-expression on display. GL&M Productions, an EDM dance and costume team, were at some of these early events and I quickly became a follower of their adventures. Since then, GL&M has moved onwards and upwards, performing at events and festivals across the US. Electric Forest remains one of their favorites, HWID was able to get some words with Alexandra Emiko, the owner and manager of GL&M Productions on her thoughts and expectations for this year’s EF experience.

HWID: How long has GL&M Productions been performing at Electric Forest?
GL&M: This will be GL&M’s sixth year providing performers for Electric Forest. We started with the mimes 2012.

HWID: And by performing can you explain how GL&M takes part in the EF experience?
GL&M: We are responsible for some of the colorful characters you will see roaming in Sherwood forest during the festival. We have a staff of 5 designers along with makeup and hair artists that create custom, themed costumes every year for our character performers to play in. We also hire performers for hangar stage and even more hair and makeup artist that work in the backstage production. It takes a large team of amazing people to make it all happen and this year we will have a staff of 38 people between performers and support personnel.

HWID: What makes Electric Forest special for you?
GL&M: It’s our home. We are Michiganders and Electric Forest was our first festival supplying character performers. Because of that, we feel a close connection to the Forest Family. The people we have the pleasure of working with every year are so creative and talented. It seems like each year the bar gets set higher and everyone who helps create Electric Forest rises to the challenge. EF is a magical place!

HWID: How many different costumes can we expect to see over the two weeks?
GL&M: This year we have 2 themes for our forest roamers. We’ve been working hard for months. Be prepare to be amazed.

HWID: How can we find GL&M at EF?
GL&M: Our looks our always a secret til the gates open. A little clue would be to look for this symbol for one of our looks. Either way, we promise you won’t miss us!

Electric Forest

HWID: Do you approach EF differently than other shows/festivals?
GL&M: We always approach all our festivals with passion and creativity, however, it seems like Electric Forest always brings out the most creativity in our team. Because our performers are in the crowd talking with festival goers the costumes have to be durable, extravagant but also very detailed up close. It requires innovation and hard work to pull it off. We ask a lot from the performers too because they remain in character the whole time they are out in the Forest. It doesn’t matter is they are hot or have a headache or they stubbed their toe that morning, they are committed to the attendee experience.

HWID: Favorite vendor Food ?
GL&M: Super Heady Tacos … SERIOUSLY the best tacos EVER!!

HWID: Who is the artist you are most looking most looking forward to seeing?
GL&M: Unfortunately, we rarely get to see many musical acts because we are working. However, we are really looking forward to seeing our friends and Detroit locals, Golf Clap. They are playing on the BirdHouse Stage (Tripolee) on Thursday week 1. There are so many good artist this year on both weekends. Any chance we have to see an act there will be amazing music to listen to. We are always thankful that EF has an eclectic line up that’s all talent.

HWID: Any words of wisdom to pass on to those going to EF for their first time?
GL&M: Please consider Forest as a marathon NOT a sprint. Take your time, enjoy and embrace all the new wonderful experiences and people you’re about to encounter. Be prepared and take care of yourself. You will make memories that you will carry with you forever. Welcome to the Forest Family!

You can follow GL&M Productions adventures at EF on their Facebook page.

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