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Electric Forest 2017 Preview: Interview with DJ Vourteque


Part 5 of our Electric Forest 2017 Coverage

by Mike Pfeiffer

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Week one at Electric Forest has come and gone with some rain, cool nights and some very hot shows. However, Electric Forest isn’t over yet, there is still a week 2 starting June 29! HWID still has a couple tricks up our sleeve before the second weekend arrives. This interview is with DJ Vourteque, renown throughout the US for his electro swing sets at noir dance nights, steampunk conventions and other assorted gigis.

HWID: When did your first play Electric Forest? What were your immediate thoughts about playing?
Vourteque: I was actually the first artist to ever play The Hangar when it opened in 2015! I was the opening act that day.

HWID: For those unfamiliar what style of music do you play?
Vourteque: I usually describe it as “neo vintage” as I don’t just include swing elements but also soul, blues, funk and even some gospel elements. The music fuses styles from the 20s-50s with contemporary dance music styles to create something I think it’s quite unique.

HWID: What makes Electric Forest special for you?
Vourteque: Being someone who’s personally involved in the production unto itself makes it special, but the sheer scope of the production and artwork in the forest also do. I love how it’s more than just a music festival, but an experience. Especially The Hangar with its multiple rooms, some are even secret!

HWID: Do you approach this set differently than other shows/festivals?
Vourteque: I do. Because I have so many sets I try to diversify into different styles of neo vintage dance music. One set may be traditional electro swing, another glitch funk, and another really really hard glitch or smash swing.

HWID: Favorite vendor food?
Vourteque: There’s this one vendor that I think does these burrito bowls or something, can’t entirely recall, they set up by Hangar & Jubilee and I get something from them every year.

HWID: Who is the artist you are most looking most looking forward to seeing?
Vourteque: I’m super excited to see my friends The Gentlemen Callers and Sepiatonic again. Also, Brazillian Girls. I’ve been a fan for a while but I’ve never seen them. In terms of the headliners, I’m hoping to catch Flume and Odeza, but when you’re working you never know if you really can.

HWID: Any words of wisdom to pass on to those going to EF for their first time?
Vourteque: Don’t feel like you have to stick with what your friends or group is doing, and don’t over plan. The most rewarding things you’ll experience will be the things you find in the moment. Don’t be afraid to go off and explore on your own.

HWID: Besides the music, what else should people at EF check out?
Vourteque: The Jive Joint, it’s one of my favorite things, possibly of all time.

Vourteque is playing Week 2 at the Hangar Thursday at 5:30pm and Friday at 1:30am and various spontaneous events. Week 2 tickets are still available!

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