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Electric Forest 2017 Preview: Interview with DJ Erno


Part 6 of our Electric Forest 2017 Coverage

by Mike Pfeiffer

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The time has come my friends!

HWID is taking our first voyage into Electric Forest. We have loads of camping gear, cameras and recording equipment, probably too much, but better over-prepared, than under. While this may be the last interview before EF week 2, the EF fun will continue as we will be posting photos and video on our Facebook and Instagram feeds. This interview is with our own DJ Erno, whom I have seen light up the dance floor at a James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) DJ set and countless other local gigs.

HWID: I think this is your first time playing Electric Forest…
Erno: This is my first time playing Electric Forest! This will be my 4th year attending the festival and I couldn’t be happier about being on the lineup.

HWID: For those unfamiliar what style of music do you play – what comparisons do you get for your music?
Erno: I really wish this was an easy question to answer. I’m influenced by all genres of music really. If I had to explain to people who haven’t seen me play what they are in store for, then I’d have to say it would fall in line with what you can expect from my good friends Soul Clap who invited me to be a part of their showcase in the Forest. We have a true love for all different styles music but you can guarantee it’s going to be funky.

HWID: What makes Electric Forest special for you?
Erno: It’s the vibe and energy of the people who attend each year. I’ve never been to a place on this Earth that feels quite like it. Even if you aren’t into any of the artists playing the festival, you can’t help but be drawn into the infectious energy when you are there.

HWID: Do you approach this set differently than other shows/festivals?
Erno: Ya know, I used to think that I always needed to make my sets specific to each show but in the past, it has ended up stressing me out leading up to the gig and in turn, making the set feel forced. I’ve been learning to trust my instincts in the moment with my sets more and I think it ends up being better for everyone. I guess I’ll just have to see what the vibe is feeling like when I get there!

HWID: What’s your favorite vendor food?
Erno: I am always a fan of the pizza on shakedown street. Last year they had paella in Good Life which was a nice touch.

HWID: Which artist are you most looking most looking forward to seeing?
The Crew Love acts playing after me on the Forest Stage of course, but I am also excited to be seeing Thievery Corporation.

HWID: Any words of wisdom to pass on to those going to EF for their first time?
Erno: Stay hydrated and make sure you get some sleep.

HWID: Besides the music, what else should people at EF check out?
Erno: All of the art installations inside the forest are always incredible. I try to make it a mission to view every single one of them throughout the weekend.

You can catch Erno at the Forest Stage on Saturday at 4pm. EF Week 2 tickets are still available!

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