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Electric Forest 2017 Preview: Interview with Golf Clap

Electric Forest Golf Clap

by Mike Pfeiffer 

As part of HWID’s coverage leading up to Electric Forest, we’re featuring thoughts from nearby artists who are playing the festival. Our first interview is with Golf Clap, a local DJ Duo comprised of Hugh Cleal and Bryan Jones. They make a habit of playing out often and bringing with them beats and pleasures for everyone through their Country Club Disco imprint. We were able to get Bryan to tell us what Electric Forest means to them and how to get the most out of your experience in the forest.


HWID: I have to get this question out of the way – do you guys ever slow down?
Golf Clap: Not at all. More and more people are involved with the team as time goes on. Everything just keeps picking up pace. It’s hard to keep up, but we would be bored any other way.

HWID: When did you first play Electric Forest and what were your immediate thoughts about playing there?
Golf Clap: We first played in 2014. Since then, we’ve come back each year and ended up playing an official slot each year. (We’re) Especially excited to be playing both weekends this year. We have tons of surprises and it’s really all we can think about at the moment.

HWID: For those unfamiliar, what style of music do you play?
GC: We play a range of dance floor friendly house & techno. Lately a bit more high energy tech house stuff. We touch on everything from deep house to bass house in our sets though.

HWID: What makes Electric Forest special for you?
GC: We’ve been going every year and it’s kind of our vacation time. Hugh’s birthday is June 22 so we usually show up and play an unannounced set somewhere for that night. We end up playing a bunch of times all over the forest and it’s our favorite week of the year. It’s also in Michigan so we know a ton of people there and we camp with a bunch of friends there.

HWID: Do you approach this set differently than other shows/festivals?
GC: We usually play as hard and bass heavy as we can at Electric Forest. Just always seems like that’s what goes over well in our sets. It’s pretty similar to our other sets, but 15-20% more energetic. Playing so many sets there each year lets us really figure out what works well with that crowd.

HWID: Favorite vendor Food?
GC: Spicy Pie Pizza is our go to for sure.

HWID: Who is the artist you are most looking most looking forward to seeing?
GC: They actually booked one of our favorite live acts and one of our favorite DJs this year. FKJ is incredible live. Look up his live videos on YouTube. DJ EZ is one of those most talented DJs we’ve ever seen. Check his skills out on his Boiler Room sets.

HWID: Any words of wisdom to pass on to those going to EF for their first time?
GC: Go ahead and research all the music you want ahead of time, but your plan will go out the window once you get there. There’s all kinds of music at different stages all the time. You can find what you’re looking for if you look hard enough. There’s lots of secret unannounced things going on all the time as well, so keep an ear out for surprise sets from some of your favorite artists.

HWID: Besides the music, what else should people at EF check out?
GC: Walk around and explore. Hang out with some people outside of your friend group. Check out some of the art exhibits in the forest. There’s so much to do that you will never be bored.

You can catch Golf Clap at EF on weekend 1, June 22 from 4pm – 6pm and the Tripolee Stage and weekend 2, June 29 from 9:15 – 10:30pm at the Forest Stage.

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