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Detroit Concerts You Have to See: June

Detroit Concerts - June

Here are the June concerts in Detroit we’re looking forward to most.

PUP with Charly Bliss

Where: Pike Room
When: June 1 – Tickets
Why: A rare occasion when you simply must get there early to see Charly Bliss, a grunge influenced four-piece from Brooklyn with their energetic female lead singer, Eva Hendricks.

The Sheepdogs

Where: Saint Andrew’s Hall
When: June 2 – Tickets
Why: For those of you that miss the smokey sounds of Southern Rock, but don’t want to keep living in the past. The Sheepdogs are for you.

Read our preview of the show here: The Sheepdogs

Twenty One Pilots

Where: DTE Music Theatre
When: June 3 – Tickets
Why: They are absolutely insane to see live.

Florence and the Machine

Where: DTE Music Theatre
When: June 11 – Tickets
Why: Her newest album, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, was easily one of the best of 2015. Plus, she has such electric live shows…literally (see below).

Black Pistol Fire

Where: Saint Andrew’s Hall
When: June 14 – Tickets
Why: If you like The Black Keys, Royal Blood, or The White Stripes, you’ll love Black Pistol Fire.


Where: Saint Andrew’s Hall
When: June 16 – Tickets
Why: Her cover version of Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love” has over 100 million views on Youtube – she’s definitely doing something right.

Flight of the Conchords

Where: Fox Theatre
When: June 16 – Tickets
Why: Their songs are funny and sweet, plus, their show on HBO was hilarious and coming back.

At The Drive-In

Where: Saint Andrew’s Hall
When: June 20 and 21 – Tickets
Why: **Rager Alert** They are back at it! At The Drive-In break up more than the Gallagher brothers. Make sure you see them before they call it quits…again.

Guns N Roses

Where: Ford Field
When: June 23 – Tickets
Why: It’s GnFnR! Axl! Slash! Duff! mmmm, Duff. Nothing last forever.

Electric Forest

Where: Rothbury
When: June 23-26 – Tickets (Sold Out! Follow Our Twitter for Live Updates)
Why: The cooler, younger sister to Detroit’s Movement festival. Check out the lineup.

See you around Detroit!

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