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Concert Review: St. Lucia at St. Andrew’s Hall

by Taylar Kobylas 

Neon rhombi and funky cacti set the stage. I could tell from the setup alone that St. Lucia didn’t return to Detroit just to engage with fans or express an art form. They show up, time after time, struck by lightening ready to illuminate you.

St. Lucia was quite the opposite of their coy opener, the adorable (but tame) bow tie adorning, Baio. St. Lucia took to the stage with blinding LED lighting, head bobs and fistfuls of energy. They jammed out to instant-classics like “Dancing on Glass”, “We Got It Wrong” and “All Eyes on You”. They performed all of them with an authenticity and jovial demeanor you just can’t fake.

Jean-Philip Grobler’s 80’s influenced style doesn’t just quit at his sound. From the spirit of songs like “Help Me Run Away” to the wispy breezes that cooled him down during the set. It was straight out of the early days of MTV music videos; the past has become present in this chill up-and-comer.

St. Lucia barely took any time to chat it up with the crowd during their Sunday night set, and they didn’t really have to. People came to see the band, to jive, to yell out lyrics and clap along. The band gets it, so they gave the people what they asked for, cutting out the often-unnecessary fluff for a great concert.

It seems like St. Lucia is on the road touring twice as long as in the studio. The evidence being that this is their 68th (approximate) visit to Detroit in the last two years. It’s a testament to how much the energy of a group’s fans can straight up motivate an artist. They inspire St. Lucia enough to keep on keeping on, even without a new album to promote every time.

I can’t necessarily tell you the names of all of the songs that St. Lucia played during their latest set at St. Andrews, but it doesn’t really matter. The crowd danced to every single one of them with smiles on their faces. Walking out of the show, still feeling electrified by hypnotic beats right down to my shoelaces. And in the end, that’s all you really want.


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