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Concert Review: She Wants Revenge with Raw Fabrics

she wants revenge

By Justin Trudell

After a surprisingly long hiatus (4 years), She Wants Revenge got their revenge on Detroit Saturday night. They came to town for promotion of, well, nothing really, rather a celebration of 10 years since their debut, self-titled album.

Opening was an electronic, alternative-rock band from LA, Raw Fabrics. As is customary, the opening act had some work to do to convince the Detroit crowd they were, in fact, an incredible band, and not what some concert-goers think of opening acts: “45-minutes of noise before we get to see who we paid for.” Raw Fabrics played an impressive set with the emotion, hypnotic rhythm, and strong vocals you expect from a headliner.

Despite the aforementioned uphill battle, lead man Jack B. continued working to win over the crowd. Joining in with the general admission masses to try to incite a handmade mosh. It didn’t pan out, but they loved the effort. He did everything a band asks of their opener: got the people moving, played some killer tunes, and cranked the excitement levels to 11. Raw Fabrics gave She Wants Revenge a hot crowd, and they didn’t take it for granted.

She Wants Revenge

When the crowd was finally introduced to the headliner, it was as a steady swim into the deep end, rather than a headfirst dive off the dock like we’ve grown accustom to. Transitioning from Raw Fabrics to She Wants Revenge was anti-climatic, done almost exclusively by the bands themselves. Perhaps typical behavior from them, but I personally have gotten addicted to the dizzying high we’re used to.  The room goes black, our heroes come on stage under the cover of darkness, only to cut through the deafening roars of anticipation with distinct notes of their first song. I was craving a fix, but it didn’t come from the start of the show.

Fortunately, I caught a nice buzz from the rest of the set. The pumping drum beats and intoxicating guitar riffs got everyone moving. She Wants Revenge rattled off the tracks from their debut album, then exited the stage, not uttering a single word to the crowd. I could understand the uneventful start, but to not even acknowledge the crowd during the show? That I couldn’t understand.

Quickly, I was proven wrong (per usual), as She Wants Revenge returned for their encore and did a complete 180 with the crowd. Showing nothing but genuine gratitude, they thanked the Detroit crowd for supporting them through the years, even mentioning other venues in the area they have played before. She Wants Revenge didn’t take anything for granted.  Not their amazing opening act, not the energy of the room, and never their fans.

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