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Concert Review: Japanese Breakfast at El Club

by Chloe Seymour

Why did I choose to see Japanese Breakfast at El Club in Detroit?

A. The band name made me hungry.
B. Girl lead singer and a big fuck yes to girl power, baby.
C. All of the above.

(My choice was C, obviously.)

Seeing Japanese Breakfast play live was a magical treat. Their dreamy bass lines and Michelle Zauner’s incredible lady-boss voice immediately electrifying the audience with their biggest hit “Everybody Wants to Love You.” The song has an electro dance-in-your-underwear-around-your-house kind of feel that’s both rare, and sacred. My roommate praised it by saying, “I feel like I’m in a Target commercial” as we bopped this jam that’s been playing in our apartment non-stop.

The lyrics to this track are probably the most romantic string of words I’ve ever heard thrown together.

Will you lend me your toothbrush?
Will you make me breakfast in bed?
Ask me to get married
And then make me breakfast again

Their band name AND lyrics made me hungry.

Though her stage presence between songs was timid, Zauner’s guitar prowess and angelic voice on songs like “In Heaven” make her sound like an old pro. An old pro that got a crowd of rather stoic hipsters get their feet moving.

I immediately hit Spotify after the show to add a couple “JBrekkie” songs to my playlists. I was shocked at the low amount of spins their songs have, not enough people have discovered the delicious Japanese Breakfast.

When you Google ‘Japanese Breakfast,’ the top results include Buzzfeed articles proclaiming “check out the 10 best breakfasts from across the world!,” and stories from Bon Appetit magazine. But, it won’t be long before the tasty sound of Japanese Breakfast overtakes the cuisine in the Google rankings.

(Honorable mention: Japanese Breakfast’s openers, Rivergazer, killed their two-man set with songs like Only 4 U . They seemed like genuinely good dudes during a convo at the mercy table, too.)

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