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Concert Review: Jake Bugg at The Magic Stick

Jake bugg

by Justin Trudell

I never like to admit I’m wrong, but in our Jake Bugg preview piece I definitely was.

I inaccurately compared Jake Bugg to Johnny Cash. We all loved Mr. Cash, but, truthfully, his guitar skills were lacking. After witnessing the show at the Magic Stick this much is true: Johnny Cash could only wish to have been half the musician Jake Bugg is.

My comparison of Jake Bugg and Johnny Cash was proven wrong with each of his dozen or so guitar solos. He seemed to be rubbing his superior guitar skills in my face. Since we were on a roll, Jake Bugg had another dish of crow for me to consume.

Gimme The Love” is the first single from his new album; although it’s a departure from the raw, personal songs found on his first two albums, hearing it live dissolved my initial uneasiness. Perhaps I had put too much stock into the music video’s sharp cuts and frantic dance-club lighting. The visuals are unusual, but the song is undoubtedly of Jake Bugg.

A deflating moment started the night when, presumably because of low-ticket sales, the show was moved from The Majestic Theatre to the smaller, though more intimate and newly re-opened, Magic Stick.

The deflation was twofold:

  1. A sizeable crowd produces more special moments. Alas, the magic had been reduced.
  2. Apparently, only a handful of people had read our preview piece. Damnit!

Despite the circumstances, Bugg remained steadfast. He opened with a crowd-pleasing rendition of “Two Fingers”. Judging by the random Macho Manesque shouts of “You ROCK bro!” the crowd was undoubtedly ready to party….bro.

Many a concertgoer readily began singing any chorus line that sounded slightly familiar, causing rapturous waves of noise. Dance moves quickly became an abundant commodity as well. As a result, low-confidence hip-swinging struts were being traded like mid-90s stock options for failed websites.

While Jake Bugg didn’t do much dancing himself (none actually), he did, however, express appreciation for the hardcore fans that decided to show up for this, his maiden voyage to the Magic Stick.

Bugg combined a great mix of his old and new in a set list that lasted just over an hour. It was a great show from a tremendous musician and a ruckus crowd.

The evening ended with his most popular song, “Lightning Bolt.” Check out our video below.

#jakebugg performing #lightningbolt at #majestictheatre #🤘

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